The report will center the scene of these seven trumpets in the Yellowstone volcano, but this does not mean that it does not occur jointly in two scenarios that are continuous, since such a volcano rests in the belt of fire of the Pacific.

In this way what is said below could still be fulfilled in two scenarios, and even so the requirements of what was said by these 7 trumpets in terms of one third of land, and in one third of the sea.

A scenario is following the belt of the Pacific fire where three quarters of the total number of volcanoes in the world are located, which are active in more than one volcano, and therefore give rise to the consequences that the trumpets of the apocalypse in the third of the lands, and in the third of the waters of the sea.

But it is the scenario that has as its center the Yellowstone volcano that will be given here because of being settled in the USA, the virgin daughter of Babylon.

Whatever the reality to manifest itself for it will already be seen.

A reasoning of the trumpets described by the Apostle John and his possible symbology .

(KJV) 7 And the first angel sounded, and hail was made, and fire mixed with blood , and they were sent forth into the earth, and the third part of the trees was burned up, and all the green grass was burned up.

It has been seen in the report on this Yellowstone website and the end, that the idea of ​​a volcanic eruption takes shape in what was announced in the first trumpet of the book of Revelation, and, in fact, is just that, a volcanic eruption of a very strong social impact the beginning of the action by YAHWEH.

But the fact is that this eruption has to go further, so what announces the first trumpet is just the beginning of the matter, is its beginning, its genesis.

And if you move forward in verse 7 and in part b, which after its first part tells us about the actions of a first volcanic hail to occur, and that we find in its second part with two terms that are usually to be in the Holy Scripture of a symbolic character, as is the term of the trees, and, in addition, that of the green grass that is to be burned.

And it turns out that in Scripture the highest chain regarding the people of GOD, in which is their land, is man, because man is the shepherd, but the shepherd is a tree as far as the Scripture is concerned; and this is so, although in a polyvalent way a tree can represent even a Kingdom as far as the Holy Writ, or as when Daniel reduced by him to the whole royal government of Babylon to only one cut tree ...

And the grass is the people, yes, all people are green grass.

In ourselves we are like the grass, something very vulnerable in itself, because the wind blows and we dry ourselves according to the saying recorded in the Scripture. And this is what the first trumpet tells us in a certain way.

In this case, are the grass and the physical trees symbolized by what is stated in the first trumpet?

Actually, the first trumpet announces a volcanic eruption, and yet it could at the same time entail an extended sense regarding the reference of the trees, even as regards the one of the grass.

But definitely with respect to the first trumpet, and as for the term tree, as well as the term grass, which both terms are a physical description of those trees that are found in nature in the middle of an event of a volcanic nature.

Even if it were the case in the actions of several volcanoes and their consequences, and therefore those trees are the trees in the radius of the affected area, and the grass in that location that was green and ceases to be.

In itself the future of these trees, parks, and jungles, and others ..., are reflected in a simile of a third of the grazing, a third of certain men who now breathe, and today are shepherds of his people or his land; but the first trumpet does not say the percentage regarding green grass, but it says that all the green grass was burned as a description of something that just happened when the first trumpet was played.

And this can be concluded thus during the time of the first touch of the first trumpet, or be the final result to be given from the beginning of the first eruption and as a consequence of the same volcano, or of volcanoes, because when a volcano erupts at the time others they can enter the time to erupt.

In itself we can conclude that being the subject treated by the first trumpet the eruption of a given volcano, which then exist burned trees, and herbs that liquefy in the most direct radius of action in the first volcanic zone, and in the indirect zone for the ashes that are still extinguished both toxic and acidic, and that is why you can literally say that all those burnt herbs will end.

At the time, and as it has been said on the web with my brother the other witness of the book of the Revelation, the one that these trees described in his third are premonitory of a third of those of the herding of his land, because this The fateful result described in the trumpets is also coincident with a third of these men who are shepherds for falling before Cyrus after this event.

And these announced deaths must also be by shooting, and these shots are produced in the hands of 200 million soldiers annexed to the Great Cyrus. And this of a new Cyrus is narrated the chapter 9 of the book of the Revelation in reference to the sixth trumpet touch that will be seen below.

The conclusion to be seen so far, is that you can tell these events to occur in such a way that the terms that carry in the Scripture a symbolic meaning may also coincide with the physical features in their reading.

But the descriptions that are given to us in these trumpet touches are in their essence only some features of a physical nature.

Nevertheless, there are similes in the reading of these seven trumpets, and, in addition, certain terms that in other parts of the Scripture are of a symbolic nature and that appear in these trumpet touches as we have seen here, and that therefore It is necessary to make an explanation of what is the meaning of these terms or words that are symbolic in Scripture.

And this is what Cyrus is that is the name of a King of the past, and is one that returns in the time of the end of the West to position itself before the West, yes, even again, and this is true to be the American nation today the one referenced as the virgin daughter of Babylon described by the prophet Nahum, as well as in the prophets, and even in the book of Revelation as the greatest Babylon of today.

But what is Cyrus about the trumpet that pronounces it for this current generation? Well, this I will say as I said above when in this report you get to such a sixth trumpet, because it names Ciro, but names it in an indirect way.

And as for the earth they are the members of his people, and in the seas is humanity in its fish.

In this way we have seen here the terms that in Scripture carry a symbolic meaning such as the tree , the grass , and the earth from the symbolic point of view, including that of the sea , and the meaning of the fish of the sea that they are those of humanity that are in the seas, but not in their land.

And these descriptions with symbolism could also be telling us more things in the texts where they are found, in this case as regards the touches of the seven trumpets of the apocalypse.

But the idea that I want to make clear is to discriminate the symbolic terms in favor of physical terms, and leaving only the physical features that allow us to see the situation that has to be presented without obfuscating what these seven trumpets want to transmit to us. they are announcements from YAHWEH in the heights.

On the other hand, insofar as there are similes, or descriptions in these trumpets of a strong symbolism, they can be clarified based on what is stated in this report.

In itself the meaning to stay for when it is fulfilled what we want to transmit these seven trumpets, and the matter is already palpable, which the issue to be seen will be its fulfillment, because it is about prophecy.

Therefore, those who want to attend to this said about the seven trumpet touches will be started to narrate them in a succinct way.

In itself the first trumpet only seems to tell us with a little imagination on our part something about a particular volcanic activity. That is, the realization that it tells us precisely a volcanic eruption and nothing else.

But it gives some first figures of the disaster that are both enormous and premonitory of what has to happen for later, an event of a great broth from the very beginning of its activity to be developed by said volcanic action, either in Yellowstone or in any other place . In itself to fear is this.

But what do the other trumpet sounds say? For we can not understand what is to happen to the elderly without going to the next trumpets, those that are played before the first trumpet.

For this reason I will now put in order before the reader the successive touches of the trumpets in progressive succession, and insofar as there is something to say that is of a possible symbolism it will be verified by saying that these symbolisms mean in the text, plus the text itself of a short way.

The second trumpet.


(KJV) 8 And the second angel sounded, and like a great mountain burning with fire was thrown into the sea; and the third part of the sea was returned in blood.

Mount in the Scripture is a reference to a nation, and mountain in some translation replaces the mountains, and hill is a reference to smaller nations in the prophetic Scripture, because the mountains and hills tend to give changes in their status to be smaller, but also mountains or mountains fall.

It is also true that it is said that there is a quill in a semi-solid state under the Yellowstone volcano, and that it is more than 700 kilometers long under the boiler and below its surface. Will it therefore come out to the surface, more where would it fall? said material?

Therefore, will it be said that even a large rock is likened to a great mountain, and that this pile of earth is the meaning of this prophecy seen seen in the Yellowstone volcano?

In fact I am a prophet with my brother of a single prophecy for ADONAI, and this prophecy is to be those of his land 1260 days dressed in sack, but I am not a fortuneteller, nor is my brother so, so the true meaning to will occur as soon as the event predicted in the second trumpet, as it is a prophecy. Therefore, this writing is a reasoning based on the Bible.

But it can be argued that, in reality, the Yellowstone volcano is not a mountain, it is a caldera, and this means that within the caldera is said mountain that was already swallowed in its past, and that now that mountain or mountain is resting under the subsoil to get out at the time of it, so where should all this magmatic material go to give its eruption, two gigantic chambers of magma, and even its inner mountain?

It will depend on its radius of explosive action in relation to such a volcano of the boiler type, of its perimeter which is confirmed by the fourth trumpet in terms of dust in the sky.

So the answer to give is that the sea part of the effects of the volcanic eruption if this volcano is so strong to get thrown into the sea their waste, and of course even in a part to be determined in the land of around the volcano.

In itself the second trumpet gives a subjective datum of how one third of the world's waters remain, as blood-colored.

Could it be that, in its symbolism, it envelops in blood a third of those of the fish that are in Scripture humanity, or in danger of death, because the mountain falls into the sea? ?

But, although the mountain described here is not a country but the caldera, it is certain that the country due to this eruption has to be lost at sea, because it is no longer described as a political demarcation due to the cataclysm at the same time. part.

But for what you see the text of the book of Revelation regarding the trumpets is concerned, which seems to be one third of the entire sea of ​​the terrestrial orb that is to be seen the color of this magma scattered in hail , a hail color of fire mixed with blood.

And if the first trumpet spoke of the consequences in terrains, the one that in the second trumpet call describes the radius of its action in the seas in relation to said eruption.

And there is the fact that this prevents maritime navigation, because these volcanic rocks float in the water, in fact, this makes such waters unnavigable.

Neither by air is that it can be accessed as will be seen later on regarding the fourth trumpet.

That is, this nation can perfectly well described in these first two trumpets to be completely isolated from the world to be helped, and if someone has to want to help, because by its proven malice everywhere must be that as soon as it passes This is described in the first and second trumpet of the book of Revelation that is to be abandoned, but not by the merchants of the earth who will mourn over it.

And by the way, the land is his town, that's why the commercial world is too present in his town or land.

And money is the root of many harmful things, and if you think badly of this by giving this judgment of YAHWEH to those of your land who are your people, well, think how many bad things your brothers have gone through because of this trade, itself it is insane what can be counted, and why else but there are no ears to hear the cry of the poor even in their land? If those who trade with the inheritances of the brothers are men or pastors of reference. And so they have loved him.

Third trumpet.


And the third trumpet tells us about disinformation.

(KJV) 10 And the third angel sounded, and a great star fell from heaven, burning like a flaming torch, and fell on the third part of the rivers, and on the springs of waters.

11 And the name of the star is called Wormwood. And the third part of the waters was turned into Wormwood; and many men died by the waters, because they were made bitter.

In this case it is true that this described now is of strong symbolism.

And that is why it is difficult for him who writes this his own meaning to be given. But in spite of that what was said below could at the time be correctly explained.

Verse 11 tells us that such a star has a name, so this is a metaphor

But there are clues to know what this third trumpet call is telling us.

As you can see the referenced text tells us about men , and men are half a million in this case, men who are protagonists in the prophecy, men who are shepherds and Jehovah's Witnesses, because no one else YAHWEH has recognized except these from the Israel lost giving them a second chance before him.

Moreover, to the Judah he has also acknowledged today, to those of the cities annexed to Tel Aviv, but the degree of indignation of YAHWEH is different in one portion than in the other portion of those of his people or land in this generation or day in which we are today.

In itself with Judah YAHWEH keeps a low degree of indignation, and I praise the FATHER for it.

And to the publishers of the house of Joseph known throughout the world as Jehovah's Witnesses themselves are not to be blamed.

But in relation to their commanders they have found among them a part of the herdsmen as guilty as the Israelites of the past.

The difficulty is to identify these men who are shepherds, and these are the men of lost Israel, in themselves they are half a million as I said, and they are all Jehovah's witnesses as has been said, and it can be proved, and their part He is truly guilty in the eyes of ADONAI, and he can overcome a third of them all.

How do I know?

Well, this has been a sacred secret for a long time, and with the help of the other witness of the Revelation it is that this compression has been; even the events of my life within those of this grouping in my personal experience, and this being the other witness of Revelation that this understanding has fallen like a ripe fruit through the spirit of YAHWEH in me.

In fact, their judgment is given through me by YAHWEH to these cited pastors from among Jehovah's Witnesses. Even for Robert King.

But as for those of his people, he declared that this wormwood symbolism was already dealt with by the prophets, and they declared that, if his people or land fell into apostasy, he would make them drink wormwood.

And this is at the time that apostasy is given to him, as it was practiced by those of ancient Israel, and who have paid this day double their sins to be reconciled to their GOD and FATHER in as for the people of Judah, who are like those of the remote past, those who now fall into apostasy about the members of the Bethel of Jehovah's Witnesses, who will mean absinthe for them in the time of the end of the west. YAHWEH fortunately in a wonderful way does not change.

And what is the star that will fall?

In my opinion we must consider the angels who have already fallen by following the theory of good and evil by leaving their respective places where they served YAHWEH, and those are referenced as the fallen stars of the earth.

In itself can be a reference to such a star the so-called faithful and discreet slave of the many who has not been collected in the final collection.

But I do not know yet the exact meaning to stay in this moment as for the star.

Either way, by relying on answers that are waters and that depart from that discrete to the many that has been revealed against YAHWEH, declaring that it is true that the information or the answers he gives kill, in fact, we I would be saying in some way the text of the third trumpet of the apocalypse that many men or shepherds die by eating what was said in the magazine the watchtower, because the waters are in their symbolism the answers, but these must be consistent with reality.

For that reason we have already clarified one more symbol, water is equal to the relevant answers.

Anyway, being in front of a volcanic eruption it would result in the death of the men who are shepherds because of the toxicity of the waters of the place, and that the others also die at the same time, because this event of a volcanic nature can affect the waters subterranean that already give notice to this day of being subverted in some ups and in unexplained drops in their levels, and these waters poisoned by their movement disturbed in the subsoil overflow in rivers through the underground springs, and by the acid rain they are affected at the time, and by the ashes that are precipitated in the waters of the rivers.

In this way the waters available to be drinks in those affected in the area affected by this volcanic eruption are potentially problematic waters in more than one place in the affected area. And these waters can kill.

But the differences in groundwater are occurring everywhere in the terrestrial orb at the time of this report in a way that is not understood by science.

As it is said that it is in a third of the waters of the rivers and water sources, it is understood that this has connection with the fourth trumpet, that is, the waters can not be drunk safely in the affected area which is the radius of action of a perimeter of a third of the entire world globe. And within this perimeter it is assumed that there would be places with better waters and worse waters.

In this way it is the fourth trumpet that declares that the first trumpet narrates the relative thing to a single volcanic irruption, and for that reason it could even be given with the location of the volcano predicted in the book of Juan, therefore, for the zones that have to be affected by the range of action of said volcano.


The fourth trumpet to be touched.


Well, with this said one could suspect that the reasons behind this irruption are of a political order because of the theory of the conspiracy, which according to those who say they have machines that can activate earthquakes, but this seems like a fishhook. power that hides the objective information among those who seek the truth in the darkness of the system of things, because here there is something more in terms of Yellowtone.

In itself the information by science tells you that what is happening right now is not the natural in nature, that there is another unexplained force in it subverting it to this moment.

Actually, this is part of YAHWEH that made the heavens and the earth, and that he has to use the forces of nature against his enemies.

Well, because of what has been said we can realize that some things bring the other things to come, and this is already said; but, in addition, it turns out that we can not know what the first trumpet tells us without also going to the rest of the other trumpets to be played.

And in this already said in the report the fourth trumpet gives a special insight as for the trumpet touches that preceded it, and in particular as for the first trumpet to be played.

And the fourth trumpet tells us:

(KJV) 12 And the fourth angel sounded, and the third part of the sun, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars were smitten; so that the third part of them was darkened, and it did not illuminate the third part of the day, and the same of the night.

Therefore the specified volcano must be able in its activity to achieve this blackness of the sky even in broad daylight.

But this is achieved by any volcanic eruption in its own place if it is of the kind of a high danger like that of the tambora volcano ...

That is to say, this is below what the Yellowstone volcano can actually do, or rather what this fourth trumpet speaks to us is at a given moment in the course of that eruption.

Although it is true that the Yellowstone volcano can remain in this degree eruption in its final consequences, and in regard to this blackness to occur on their part not making them greater their eruption, but there is the fact that this volcano can still develop a great earthquake like no other known since man exists.

In addition, its blackness at a given time must be in one third of the entire global surface of the planet. And in this he tells us the intensity of such eruption of the volcano referenced at a given time.

And this saying seems to fulfill well with what is referenced by CHRIST in chapter 24 of the book of Matthew, which prophecy contemplates a linear chronology of events before the great tribulation by his words of when the end of this western system of things would occur; for it says that the heavens stop giving their light.

And what volcano can reach a third of the world's trees in its direct and indirect action to its place of eruption, as the first trumpet call says ?, and in this, reaching a third of the waters of the seas? in a diameter of about 16,000 kilometers that is one third of the skies in terms of the earth's surface from its epicenter? And what about the virgin daughter of Babylon?

But could it be a third of the American sky, and in a third of its grove? I do not know, I'm not a fortune-teller. But I do not know how it can affect a third of the waters of the sea if this were the case.

That is why we can still give to the focus of the place of the volcano, and if any volcano to be determined has to give clues of this said at the moment in which the prophecy has to be fulfilled, since it will occur in a predetermined generation, and therefore there is still the power to calculate its damage to occur before erupting, and in a potentiality that has to be in accordance with this said in the first trumpet, and in the following trumpets to the first trumpet until the fourth trumpet.

As for the Yellowstone volcano, it is said that it can do as much damage as the one referenced in the first four trumpets, and in fact this volcano can do even more damage than this, because it is a moderate range eruption for which You can get this volcano or Yellowstone caldera.

And if it stays there the thing is that this is a catastrophe that could have been even greater for the entire planet.

But as has been said, there is still a B part of the matter to be given according to this prophecy of the 7 trumpets and the 7 bowls of the indignation of YAHWEH, and it is the earthquakes to come.

On the other hand, the world map deforms the superior countries in such a way that they seem larger than they really are, in itself a diameter is circumvented to the Yellowstone volcano in such a way that it covers a third of the surface of the globe. , and if one takes into account this magnifying effect in the north, that a third of all the waters of the seas encircle the Yellowstone volcano, and as soon as a third of the skies are darkened by this volcano from their own location.

In addition, arriving the impact of the volcano to a third of its extension around him in the terrestrial globe the one that will reach to Canada and the southern part of Argentina, and by the south to the Yellowstone volcano in its radius of action would reach even the jungles of the Brazil.

That is to say, it seems to coincide with the time for the third part of the whole grove worldwide that is what the first trumpet call is telling us.

Therefore, it is not that everything is burned, but that the affected area is one-third global in its extension to occur.


The fifth trumpet.

(KJV) 1 And the fifth angel sounded; and I saw a star that fell from heaven on earth; and he was given the key to the pit of the abyss.

2 And he opened the bottomless pit, and the smoke of the pit went up like the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air darkened by the smoke of the well.

3 And locusts came out of the well into the earth; and power was given to them, as the scorpions of the earth have power.

4 And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, nor any tree,

only to men who do not have the sign of God in their foreheads.

5 And it was given to them that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months. And his torment was like the torment of a scorpion, when it hurts a man.

6 And in those days men will seek death, and they will not find it; and they will wish to die, and death will flee from them.

7 And the sight of the locusts was like horses prepared for war; and on their heads they had like crowns like gold; and their faces were like the faces of men.

8 And they had hair like the hair of women; and their teeth were like the teeth of lions.

9 And they had breastplates as breastplates of iron; and the roar of their wings, like the noise of chariots, which with many horses run to battle.

10 And they had tails like those of scorpions, and they had stings in their tails, and their power was to harm men five months.

11 And they have a king over them, who is the angel of the abyss, whose name was in Hebrew, Abaddon, and in Greek, Apollyon, which means destroyer.

12 The first Ay! is past; behold, two woes are still coming after these things.

Well, here are several symbolisms.

But the snakes that hurt by the tails are firearms, because the remains of a firearm leave precisely what is referenced in the book of Revelation as its embers, which is smoke, and sulfur to a fire as the final result of the combustion that drives the bullet to a recoil to occur.

But in this said in the sixth trumpet of the book of Revelation, it is very confusing in its explanation of the mouth of the serpent, because it says that it is with its tail in how they do their damage, but the stock of these weapons for Fitting on the shoulder contains quite a resemblance to the mouth of a snake with its mouth open.

In this saying it can be clear where in truth it is that these snakes hurt, that their damage to be given by these snakes resides in their tail as stated by the Apostle John. But it gives us the fact that these weapons are carried by 200 million soldiers, that is, reference a military situation to be given.

In all this it seems to tell us that a certain anointed is the cause that will end up impacting the shepherds who are men in their minds and hearts, in those who are not chosen in the final collection, collection that occurs as the volcano erupts.

And as chapter 4 of the book of Amos concludes that this Israel referenced in the book of Amos does not turn to him as to those men who are shepherds and from among the Jehovah's Witnesses, pastors who are at the time belonging to the 10 tribes of lost Israel, in particular of Ephraim, of the house of Joseph.

And in this saying is to be fulfilled what is referenced by the Apostle John in a subjectivity to be given in those hearts belonging to those men who are shepherds, and who do not want to repent of their hidden acts to the Jehovah's Witness publisher on the day of today, and that it has to resemble this time rather in its feeling to a horror film, because the discreet virgins have stopped appearing like beautiful virgin princesses, and yes to furious locusts with sharp teeth.

In reality, those marriageable virgins never entered into dealings with these men, with the shepherds who will not obtain the seal of GOD on their foreheads, and therefore those are still virgins, since they have not been contaminated with those men who are shepherds from among Jehovah's Witnesses, for those men who are shepherds are indeed guilty before ADONAI.

In fact, the ascendants to the kingdom are chosen from among the total of the pastors in each generation to be given from Abraham, and are even chosen without charge of pastor, because in the eyes of YAHWEH those are potentially the shepherds of his people, and they are like David his servant.

But there are men who are shepherds who do what is bad because of ignorance, and those who will receive blows, but few. Or did they not hear this from CHRIST? So, if the ignorant still have to be beaten, what will the rest of the pastors or men of the Jehovah's Witnesses stop doing that is not in ignorance, and doing what is evil in the eyes of YAHWEH in a deliberate manner? and not just because of a lack of knowledge?

And the lobsters are a way of telling a few times of difficulty to come to later in terms of the shortcomings of life; and what the locusts that are the crowned anointed ones tell you is what I tell you now, and this is not at all encouraging for those men who are shepherds and who do not have the seal of GOD in their foreheads, and who also make their God your own stomach.

What are the circumstances of these men who are shepherds to want to die? Well, the volcanic eruption of a volcano of the dangerous class can change a lot things in the place and those outside the place of its eruption, without comment.

Either way, lobsters are a reference to what gives to shortages such as those described in the book of Haggai, and Haggai makes a reference to locusts and other bugs that eat everything in their path.

For those who do not know that they are those crowned anointed ones who take the appearance of furious locusts this time, declaring that they are the heirs of the Kingdom of Heaven, the ones chosen by YAHWEH to be rulers under their control.

In themselves those do not die, because they have been granted a spiritual body.

Those were men or shepherds who have been promoted by him to a glory superior to those of men who are pastors of his people or land, but who in this prophecy ascend even from the deep and open for that time close to this date of the first eruption, and it is as if it were from the very bowels of the referenced volcano, from its blackness.

And this is telling us the time when men in a third to give of the total of all of them, and who are among those of Jehovah's Witnesses in men who are shepherds, and who are to be tormented all those in the order of a third of the total of all of them, because the prophecy says that these locusts are not going to kill them, just to tell them the truth that they do not want to listen in advance.

And in this those locusts torment those who were formerly their companions, for those who wanted to dominate them, but now they continue to clarify the truth as soon as they have in their sight the evidence of what they were already told.

And this is the public death of the two witnesses, because this, among other things, serves to end up seeing their enemies.

And what does this one know if it takes to see this resurrection of his two witnesses as well as three generations from now for those of his land, since day in Scripture is the reference to a generation, be it an intergeneration or a generation? complete, and the two witnesses described in chapter 11 of the book of Revelation are seen in three days; that is, in a journey of time from a century to two centuries to this part where we prophesied for YAHWEH 1260 days of being dressed in sackcloth those of the courtyards of the temple, or those of the house of Joseph that are in the nations.

And in this of the locusts my brother began by Joel to feed them, by Joel and the locusts, but now these same ones have to torment him, because they were proud to him, because the interpretation that those of Joel gave it was a reckless interpretation; but instead of attending to him they began to hit very hard those who claim to be children of GOD, and who are those belonging to the leadership of the people of Jehovah's Witnesses in his Bethel.

And one would have to think that they would exalt him and dress him, but they did not do that, they were very arrogant towards him as has been said, because the answer was from an anointed one determined to my brother, but after between them and the alimony as soon as to those of his Bethel, and in anointed ones, who have acted like the first one to whom he went in order to help them see their error.

Actually, these anointed ones who have concealed themselves in the shadows belong to a very old drama, a situation that occurred in the city that rested on Mount Zion, and where the Melchizedek Priest was forced to save the city from a third of its inhabitants, in citizens who sheltered in the shadows through a ringleader to take the throne of the city of Salem, Jerusalem, and commanded only one.

And today the same thing happens with these anointed ones in a third of the total. A third that has to be half of the world? I dont know.

And, in addition, this happened to the time in the universe above ours with Lucifer and his theory of good and evil, that he wanted to take the throne of his FATHER in an incomprehensible ungratefulness, and a third of the total of all the angels accompanied him in this new adventure.

In every language this is called paying for evil with good, and whoever does this will not escape punishment from anyone who practices it that way.

Therefore the lobsters have to indicate great deficiencies, and these deficiencies that they fear so much are what will come to them, and the faithful anointed rest becomes the manifestation of this reality that they have wanted to obviate all the time, but that they will not be able to ignore it anymore. more insofar as these shortcomings manifest themselves.

And in it these prudent virgins are like locusts that have risen from a smoke pit as it has been implied.

And I sincerely believe that the way to explain CHRIST in this trumpet starts from seeing the scene of Robert King, who is one of the two witnesses of the Revelation, that he saw that for that first anointed with whom he spoke for the first time Once in the book of Joel that talks about locusts, and that from there comes what is referenced in the book of Revelation about the furious locusts, because they support the referenced brother.

And this makes more sense than what may seem, because CHRIST takes very seriously the attack on one of these who are his brothers. In any preacher of the good news that is clear to him.

I refer it for the reason that Joel interpreted by this anointed, Robert King, if he came to the rest of Bethel after this incident to a first anointed, because the brother was not discouraged and took care of it.

And undoubtedly to give oneself, the one that, although there are anointed ones who have rejected what was said by the brother, the one that Robert King has given this prophecy of the book of Joel to every brother who is a pastor of the town of Jehovah's Witnesses, therefore every pastor would have to position himself with him or with those of Bethel.

CHRIST also used the watchtower of the month of March 2015 to illustrate the talents of silver. Therefore, CHRIST, who has observed this situation, has also been ironic this time with those anointed in the locusts and of Joel's book, and as for the house steward who conceals the talent of silver that he gave to Pastor Russell by parodying him in the prophetic illustration of the silver talents? This was on the watchtower of the month of March 2015.

For this reason, in my opinion, CHRIST has recreated the prudent virgins in the story of the fifth trumpet, the a referenced such as the ferocious and crowned locusts against those who have already beaten them to this day, beaten the brothers of CHRIST that as you know they are reflected in virgin women by their subjection to him.

I have seen this irony in the prophetic illustration of Lazarus of which I am a participant, and this being the other witness of the book of Revelation in his chapter 11, on understanding that I am the Lazarus described in the prophecy found in the chapter 16 from the book of Luke.

For he who speaks with Abraham did not want to feed him, and he answered me badly as Abigail's husband imprudently directed insulting words about David and his men, and that in the prophetic illustration of Lazarus he prays that with the tip of the yolk from my finger I gave him water, and as I said the water are the answers, and is not this also ironic on the part of our LORD as long as we learn something about it?

And the announcement of the sixth trumpet also seems to indicate this, because Robert King has announced this sixth trumpet ad nauseam, and now this sixth trumpet has to torment them and much, and, in fact, this sixth trumpet is what they tell them the crowned lobsters.


The sixth trumpet call. Cyrus and the book of Revelation.


(KJV) 13 And the sixth angel sounded; and I heard a voice of the four horns of the golden altar, which is before the eyes of God;

14 Saying to the sixth angel who had the trumpet: Unleash the four angels who are bound in the great river Euphrates.

15 And the four angels, who were ready for the hour and day and month and year, were loosed to kill a third of men.

Cyrus is reflected in the prophecy in the book of Revelation in this sixth touch of the trumpets, and, moreover, Cyrus is the anointed of YAHWEH referenced in chapter 45 of the prophet Isaiah.

But he cites Ciro indirectly about the touch of the sixth trumpet, and it is about the withdrawal of the waters of the Euphrates River, because with this military maneuver the course of this river was diverted and he entered the capital of the reign of Babylon without having to battle.

That is, it is a double prophetic pattern.

And this action of Ciro that carries its own trumpet touch is in principle its action in the geographic north, but ..., its action is there where there are rulers who have financed mercenaries in the new business in the international commercial system, it is say, from the big city of New York; city ​​that is the woman that mounts to the wild beast, and that is where the money contributed by more than one sovereign is handled.

And even this is to swallow those called as Edom, those who are known to never leave their anger parked against the nation of Israel, in those who have never stopped stealing them in Hebrew. Is the subject known? ?

But even in the Jehovah's Witnesses this is, because we must make an honorable reminder to the deceased in the extermination camps in Europe regarding these cited, more than others died in the territory of English influence after that and in witnesses of Jehovah

In those of Edom who are behind those who have already seen in the media, and who know them by religious fanatics with balaclavas and knives, and these are described in the prophecy of Amos in his first chapter as the trial to Edom, and by the prophet Habakkuk who referenced them as those whose power resides in their god.

But it is a reference to Edom as well as to more than one current nation, and in those Kings who have used this strategy to enrich themselves, for this reason, Ay!

Amos 1: (KJV) 11 Thus saith the LORD; For three transgressions of Edom, and for four, I will not turn it; because he persecuted his brother with a knife, and broke his compassion; and with his wrath he has always robbed him, and he has kept his anger perpetually.

Oh! For that reason of the Kings who have financed this old business of the mercenary brought to the present, but Ay! Of their peoples because of the spirit of YAHWEH that rests in the current Ciro; If ay! of those who have gone out to steal houses and fields that do not belong to them in order to enrich themselves even more.

Habakkuk 1: (KJV) 5 Behold among the Gentiles, and see, and wonder wonderfully; for it will be done in your days, that even when it is told to you, you will not believe it.

6 For, behold, I raise up the Chaldeans, a bitter and hasty nation, which walks through the breadth of the earth to possess the habitations of others.

And even within his own people of him we find the actions of those who are called as Edom, and this is as regards the houses of those assembled in pyramidal commissions in the Jehovah's Witnesses; and in this are the actions of certain pastors who are men, and who are at the same time trees as has been said with an ax in their positioned base.

And in his receiving commissions in the village of Jehovah's Witnesses in those who are referenced in the prophecy as those of the Judgment to Israel in the book of Amos and in his chapter 2, and are those in which ADONAI will not turn behind, or as the translation of the Reina Valera says, that he will not reconvert them.

In this last Ezekiel 46: 18 already said that this to take the inheritances of the people that is their land is something forbidden by ADONAI:

(KJV) 18 And the prince shall not take any of the inheritance of the people, lest he defraud them of his possession; of what he owns he will give inheritance to his children; so that my people are not thrown out each of their possession.

Therefore, this volcanic eruption is controlled by YAHWEH, its CREATOR, and against the creatures that he himself has made, he the CREATOR of the heavens and the earth, and the GOD of Jacob, the GOD of Israel. But even Ciro.

I will say that there is no greater madness than stealing in the same house as a KING.

Therefore all who plunder them are Holy to YAHWEH.

And in this despoiling them is Cyrus the anointed of YAHWEH described in the prophecy of Isaiah in chapter 45, which will do the will that rests in his own spirit.


The seventh trumpet.

The seventh trumpet means that YAHWEH has become KING!

And as for this seventh trumpet it also means earthquakes, in fact, the greatest earthquake to occur since man is man, also an extensive hail, a hail consisting of stones of the weight of a talent, and this is at least 20 kilograms .

And as far as the stones are concerned, it seems that this has already happened specifically in France, and they say in writing that the sky became inflamed in a subjective sensation, a sensation that belonged to those witnesses of the event of that state of the French sky, and they described a stone fallen from heaven; but the cause must have been far away from that place in France, whether from extraterrestrial cause by a meteor, or from a volcanic origin somewhere.

And I have calculated as to those stones to fall and as for the data that have remained in writing in France, and that the hail of a talent of weight in solid state can create craters that can exceed half a meter deep on unpaved terrain.

And it is that the book of the Revelation tells us a great hail as has been said, and whose plague is very extensive, and that the men who are the shepherds of his town or land due to such hail, and in its great extension to occur , the one who somewhere blaspheme against YAHWEH.

In itself this seventh trumpet declares that this volcano will end with the hegemony of those who have opposed YAHWEH, and that in a hypocritical way are the most Hebrew and the most Christian of all those who are out there, but who only seek to seize of the assets of those in the perpetration of a robbery.

Even in the poorest of the planet in terms of those of his people.

And in this saying they also pretend to be those for the control of the nation of Israel in the Middle East to this day.

And even of the little watchtower nation as the prophecy states.

And with this seventh trumpet call YAHWEH is KING, because he has no impediments from this touch of the seventh trumpet to do what he wants to do that is to impose justice in his land that is his people.

And from that point on, then the offspring of Abraham, his friend, will be for the blessing of all nations. Even so, this will take a while to be given with full success by YAHWEH, because there will continue to be men who are shepherds in their town, in their land, who do not want to repent, and who are also of Masonic origin.

In itself what is described in this seventh trumpet resembles a chain reaction.

And the seventh trumpet says:

(KJV) 15 And the seventh angel sounded the trumpet. And great voices were made in heaven, which said: The kingdoms of this world are reduced to our Lord and to his Christ; and will reign forever and ever.

16 And the twenty-four elders that sat before God in their seats bowed down their faces, and worshiped God,

17 saying: We give you thanks, Lord God Almighty, that you are and that you were and that you are to come, because you have taken your great power and have reigned.

18 And the Gentiles are angry, and your wrath is come, and the time of the dead to be judged, and to give the reward to your servants the prophets, and to the saints, and to those who fear your Name, to the little ones and

great ones, and to destroy those that destroy the earth. 19 And the temple of God was opened in heaven, and the ark of his testament was seen in his temple. And there were lightnings and voices and thunder and earthquakes and great hail.


In itself what these trumpets seem to tell us against the present system of things is that we must prepare for volcanic eruptions, and not only for earthquakes in which there is prior preparation in certain places.

The fact that everything can start with a minor eruption in the Yellowstone volcano, and that this volcano is really a boiler that can expel to its outside that already swallowed from behind, as the second trumpet seems to tell us.

But we should not speculate here on the different possibilities of the event, but in the end to fulfill what is described by these 7 trumpets of the apocalypse.

And the one that in the end everything is destabilized, and the islands flee due to the magma that circulates under them as it is said in the bowls of their indignation towards their town or land, and in this they have to run at least a few centimeters in Less than a month, new volcanoes can form.

At the time an island could be the reference to a city composed of those of the house of Joseph in terms of its first fruits, because they are surrounded by the seas where humanity is.

In itself to this day has been discovered an island in this process of flight. In it the inhabitants of all the islands would then notice that something is wrong. In this there is no where to hide.

And those who govern, and those who also rule in the shadows, declare that they have somewhere to go, because they are mentioned in the rocks of the earth in the book of Revelation and in the prophets.

But it is to be expected that it is not their refuge in the caves of natural formation, but that they already had underground shelters prepared.

As the book of Revelation says, they know what this is all about, for they say that whoever can stand in the face of the wrath of YAHWEH and the LAMB be those refugees in their underground shelters, or on the rocks of the land.

And I will say here in a succinct way that the sun may also be involved in these things, because today the sun does things that are really rare.

Actually, it is less yellow, and with it gives more solar radiation when going towards the white color; and, in addition, it is said that it has already lowered its activity and thereby creates less heliosphere, and therefore there is more interstellar radiation.

In the test to be provided as regards the behavior of the sun, which today can not go as back to be on the beach to sunbathe without an umbrella.

At the same time, a lower heliosphere leads to less protection against meteorites that occur more now than back breaking the past statistics. but this is a subjective fact, as the asteroids come and go.

But it is the seismic issue that can become demented.

There is a phenomenon of suction of the tectonic plates by which the sea water can be ingested in the interior and go to the magma due to the earthquake, and in it in producing more reaction in the plates by the thermal reaction. And this can leave the cities being human cemeteries?

And as for sunamis without words, then of giving themselves they do not have to be as small in comparison as those that kill a quarter of a million people. In this they could sweep the coasts of both the Pacific and the Atlantic, even penetrate the Mediterranean ...

That is, there is much to be imagined in this, but in itself what the 7 trumpets tell us, and the 7 bowls of YAHWEH's indignation, that there is a cause-effect referring to a quarter of those of their dead land in the Second World War.

Thus a quarter of those on earth have already died for a cause hidden from view of everyone in the Second World War, and a quarter of those of humanity, including those of their land that for circumstantial reasons are in bad shape place and in bad weather they have to die at the time in which it enters.

And in this also are the actions of Ciro to manifest.

But in the geographical north was one third of those in their land who died in Europe in the Second World War, and in its global quantification this figure was reduced to a quarter of the world total of all the dead by those of Edom, because those of his land figured more in the north than in the south.

In itself this said in the paragraph above is the meaning of the number 666, and this number will be explained succinctly below in this report.

More to day or current generation that this said is precisely in line with what has already happened behind, because this described by the seven trumpets will affect more in the geographical north.

Actually, a third of the men who are pastors are about to die as has been said, but it is by weapon, in addition to other causes.

More 666 is the number of man or shepherd for the reason that these goat-type shepherds, who are of Masonic origin, and therefore of a spiritual origin, are a quarter of those of the shepherding of Jehovah's Witnesses. That's why 666 means the fourth part.

Then it is to be expected that if this is the case with the man who is a pastor, that the others of the earth who are his people follow them in their number to be given as to the deceased, are those of the brotherhood of the Jehovah's Witnesses, or those of the house of Joseph who have not yet been gathered as their firstfruits have been, that is, Jehovah's Witnesses are such first-fruits, and of them in their midst.

but that all of them live more to the north than in the south, for that reason the shepherds are referenced in their third, because this third is the difference between those who live more to the north than in the south.

That is why the book of Zechariah in chapter 2 tells us to flee from the north in his verse 6. And the book of Revelation that flee from Babylon the great one that is in the north so that those of his people or land do not suffer the plagues that are to be given by these 7 trumpets, in addition, by the 7 bowls of the indignation that YAHWEH has against these pastors who are men. Moreover, no matter where these men who are the shepherds of their land or people are hiding, as the book of Amos says in his chapter 9, they will not escape.

But the Ciro figure could be seen as a low death rate compared to what Mother Nature does.

How will ADONAI deal with these survivors who are pastors, and who are the men referenced in the prophecy of the 7 trumpets? For there are survivors from among the freemasons within Jehovah's Witnesses, in those who are spiritists, worshipers of the Egyptian sun god, thieves ..., and very hidden among the men or shepherds of the Jehovah's Witnesses, YAHWEH will send the extractors of These same.

And this said about those who are cited as those who will not repent in chapter 9 of the book of Revelation gives a hint that this referencing is something that will affect more geographically north, because there are men who are pastors who should not be left foot breathing.

When will the first trumpet sound everywhere?

Those who are about to die in their totality in Roman numerals are 6 square myriads added to other two of the same magnitude, that is 6 + 6 + 6 square myriads, or as we know it today, 666. Or 1800 million people.

And this we know as the winepress of the wrath of YAHWEH, and a winepress is of the figure of 6 looks of myriads, and that is three, 6 per 10,000 2 + 6 per 10,000 2 +6 per 10,000 2 .

And it is in each winepress, where there is a differentiated part where the grapes are stepped on, and its pool, which is just over a meter and a half deep, and for a distance of 288 kilometers. or 1600 Roman stadiums in its length.

And in its width it has to count with about 5 meters of what are the Roman wineries in their width, usually in the remnants that remain of yesterday in important wine regions, places that have received this Roman heritage and that recently in a few decades are in disuse.

In itself it is necessary to realize that such a lagar contains the souls that are represented by the men who are the shepherds of his people or land, since it is the number of man, because they are censured as the collaborators of the enemies of his people.

That is, it contains many people besides those men who are shepherds, because their number is very large.

But it is blood that fills such a pool, and the blood average between genders, ages, and heights is about an average of four liters of blood per affected person.

Therefore, the calculation of each winery is at least 600 million people or souls according to this data given by the book of Revelation, in the volume of a single pool of the press.

When are they then in number as to those of humanity for when these things that are announced by the 7 trumpets happen?

If 1800 million are a quarter, 7,200 million souls are the total, then this is for when the world population figure reaches a figure of 7,200 million souls.

But he says that the number is the number of man, and man is the shepherd, therefore the others go to the pastor of his town or land.

In this the world figure can not reach the highest Roman figure that would be more than 8400 million inhabitants, or the figure that would be shown by the Romans as the 777 with no decimals.

This is a time margin of the event to be given by these 7 trumpets of the apocalypse at the date of the report for the interval of time to occur, and it is a time such as of a dozen years to this part, but the event could happen tomorrow same.

To day of this report in the statistics of the world population we now reach the figure of about 7600 million people with a statistical deviation of 5 percent, this statistical deviation either to the low or high in the 7600 million souls .

And in this statistic there is a surplus of people to elderly in each year that passes in terms of births with respect to the deceased, and goes to the figure of something less than 100 million souls to older.

And, in addition, volcanic eruptions are somewhat unpredictable by current science, for this and other things in countries such as Germany and Sweden make prevention plans even mandatory to its citizens in the German case.

This would include a pantry of at least 5 months per family unit, because if the American economy falls by the eruption of a volcano, which countries will fall at the time in the large earthquake that enters. and while they recover, Cyrus comes. So you will see if you want to eat every day.

But why do I worry if this is brought by YAHWEH? Make no mistake, I worry about those in the house of Joseph who still do not know that they are those of the house of Joseph, and in this for the remaining tribes of Israel, all of them in a number that is equal to that of the Arabs in the current generation; besides, of the poor and humble with whom this does not go in judgment.


(This material belongs to the priesthood of the physical city of Jerusalem.)


The land, on April 14, 2019.

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