Once I heard my mentor that because of the pastor YAHWEH would undo the world in order to cut the pastor, time has passed and my investigation of biblical prophecy tells me that his words are correct.

In a globalized world importance is attached to the fact of union and strength, but in whose hands, and who is the one who grows stronger? That is why social change situations require social force to overcome these waves, but someone has taken the trouble to remove the strength of the pastor by canceling Sacred knowledge, so there is no social force but pathetic manipulations that people organize .

YAHWEH created the pastor of his land independently from the rest of the other pastors, so if this resource fails only drastic actions of a physical and military nature will come to give the advantage.

And they may disagree a lot about this or even not understand it in principle, but it becomes true that when winds are created storms are created, and they have already killed too many people including the Saints of the Supreme, they also give burdens to old age, of In this way the perfect storm is formed, now YAHWEH in His Holiness can act justifiably.

That is why the booklet has the virtue of showing the judgment that occurs in pastors who fail in their land, who they are, and what has happened.

On the other hand, when organizing the work I see that most of the book of Amos has to be understood if not entirely by the reader.


  Introduction to the trial of the tribe of Benjamin.



 The 8 trials recorded by the Prophet Amos for when Mount Carmel did not contain snow are living prophecies that would be fulfilled before the end, but not the end of the world as speculated.

Actually, it is the end of the present system of things giving the relief to the East.

But the omen of the Jehovah's Witness who is his witness formed from his mother's womb by him has told him that the world will end, even the old earth or his people as to those who are not righteous.

In fact, from here and few generations will begin to be determined by YAHWEH the generation in which earth and heaven will be completely undone in the final judgment being saved the righteous, which will be after the next generations to occur from there, and it is this when he was injured by a lack of change despite what he gave earlier entered the nations, and what entered was the end of the US.

And it is in our generation a point of no return where the fall of Babylon, the great one, and the city of international commerce, of the USA, and of the emblematic city, the woman, which is the city of New York, has to be fulfilled.

In this way, as those priests of Sumeria who are today international bankers, that their children have nothing left for themselves, that from there those who really are their witnesses will gradually begin to resurface so much knowledge as to full wisdom. And this will take time.

But why today do they not receive this full knowledge about Jehovah's Witnesses, and even though their day of action by YAHWEH is against the West a darkness for Jehovah's Witness instead of their light?

In reality, his lack of light has not been something that starts from the beginning of YAHWEH as the Jehovah's Witness.

One of the reasons for this lack of light at any given time will be found in this report, in one of the eight trials recorded by the prophet Amos, in the trial of Israel or Benjamin.


  The Three even four errors of those of Benjamin or Israel.



 Under the heading of Israel, the twelve tribes of Israel, which are allowed by the Patriarch Israel to bear their own name given by YAHWEH, are dawning today.

And for that reason a tribe of all the others is not synonymous as long as a certain tribe is censored by YAHWEH when using the same name of Israel in the pronunciation of a judgment to be given, and nevertheless the judgment would fall on the tribe of Benjamin at the time of the end of the west, that is, about Israel.

Therefore, even if the judgment is applied to the tribe of Benjamin, does the judgment to some degree fall back on the other tribes of Israel?

Being a double prophetic pattern in its similarity to what happened behind with respect to the tribe of Benjamin, we will have to conclude that such a judgment falls on those of Benjamin, but those cited as Israel are those of the nations as the lost Israel, For this reason, since the judgment falls on the small nation of Jehovah's Witnesses like those of Israel, we will have to argue that well, or they are all from Benjamin, or if more tribes are found in it, the judgment falls to the time over the entire congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses.

And the report will focus on seeing how this judgment on the prophets falls on the tribe of Benjamin, and at the same time will ignore, let go, on how the three even four errors mentioned by the prophet Amos in the tribe of Ephraim settled at the same time would fall. within Jehovah's Witnesses.

The three mistakes are to take the name of GOD in vain, kill, and steal that leads to murder, and therefore the fourth is to covet what is not yours which is what leads to the three mistakes, but the same are three even four errors that rest in the 8 nations denounced by the prophet Amos at the time of the end of the west.

And being Edom multiple nations, to which, in time for three, even four errors will not convert them, which will let them pass by ending them so that the end of the principle will not be the same for their product to date, and in as long as the judgment is fulfilled to give them that it is now.

Those of the knives in certain hands that are described in the judgment of Amos in those of Edom are the mercenaries with black balaclavas paid by the high bankers, the high dignitaries of these nations participating in the area of ​​the Middle East ..., and of which area by the way proceed, as in the case of the Syrian, I have even from Iraq for Abraham, and as long as I take the nation Israel to which they surround this date. Behind them they walked behind their holocaust in order to loot them, the testimony of this act being number 666 marking the wild beast.

Amos 1 (RV): 11 Thus said the LORD: For three sins of Edom, and for the fourth, I will not convert it; because he pursued his brother with a knife, and broke his mercies; and with his fury he has always stolen from him, and has perpetually kept his anger.

And there are more judgments, in fact, the first one is for Damascus for cracking the belly in its fruit to the women of Gilead, it happened in yesterday, more is paid today.

Even the Palestinian for turning to those of the UN for the purpose of swallowing those to the nation of Israel, and therefore will fall into one part, even as they were victims of the Israeli. Somehow in their claim they have skipped the law of an eye for an eye, for those who somehow claim an extermination to the nation of Israel by turning to their adversaries.

Even on the throne of the wild Beast that rests in New York City there is judgment that is recorded by the prophet Amos regarding Tire.

But it is not these judgments recorded by the prophet Amos that are of most interest to Jehovah's Witness, there is a pending trial that is the last to be given in the book of Amos, and which is conclusive for the interests of the small watchtower nation , it is the judgment to Israel which judgment falls even again upon the Benjamin just as yesterday, and those who are settled within Jehovah's Witnesses, even upon the rest of the brotherhood.

That is why the report mentions one of the recorded judgments that would be given according to the prophet Amos when Mount Carmel ceased to have snow on its summit, and since this event of a change in climate is fulfilled in our current generation . And two years before the earthquake, which is the one that comes, or the one that has already been given by knocking down in their names the anointed rest from the watchtower of the Core of July 2014.

In a judgment that falls on the tribe of Benjamin or Israel at this time in which we are now, and among the eight nations referenced by the prophet Amos is the judgment of Israel or the small nation of Jehovah's Witnesses, but that falls in a full manner over those of Benjamin; in fact, the judgment is directed precisely to the tribe of Benjamin. But you pay just for unfair as in yesterday.

More in this is the motivation of this booklet, which is to deliver said judgment to those who are truly addressed, and by YAHWEH.

And the report will focus on you knowing how to recognize how it falls on this tribe of Israel and not on another tribe.

And the situation that occurs is this:

For example, the neighbor of the third right makes a destruction, but those of the five-floor community with ground floor with houses on the right and left are cooperating in their communal decisions, and that will give a lack of sociability that attracts the attention of the judge, the president of the community being the third right.

But the one on the lower left feels in such a way that he apologizes to the Judge, and seeing that the first correction to be given him has taken effect, so he decides not to send him out of his community in a restraining order.

But to the third right, the judge does not bother to take corrective measures , and with words worthy of trust before those of the other homes in the community of neighbors assures him that they will be face to face for the day of the trial.

The one on the third right is Benjamin, and the one on the lower left must be Ephraim.

And the portal has a sign that shows the hall of the kingdom of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Actually, the things of which those of the tribe of Benjamin are accused, a tribe composed of the witnesses of the time of the end of the west as one of the portions of the tithe, are things that are done in more than one place in the witnesses of Jehovah, and nonetheless, those of Ephraim will let himself be corrected, but the Shepherds of Benjamin will abstain until the end according to the testimony given in chapter 4 of the book of Amos.

In this way, will they not accept the son's rod until they perish on that rod?

I do not know, but from what I have seen, those pastors of Benjamin will not be allowed to correct, even if the United States explodes, and even if their youths are handed over to other Jehovah's Witnesses, they will remain uncorrected as Chapter 4 ends. from the book of Amos. More will be for a little while like typhoon escapes.

Therefore, in this report you will find what the saying of preparing Israel means to meet your GOD without even pretending this, which are the words with which said chapter 4 of the Prophet Amos ends, insofar as YAHWEH swears him for his greatness when mentioning constellations in the matter that Benjamin is to meet his GOD, and somehow the other tribes when Benjamin is referred to as Israel?

And, what is more, as I said I do not need to read it in the book of Amos, I see it for myself by having them there by the side and knowing them, in this way, as long as they can make mistakes to the publisher they will not change, because they are fleshless shepherds who They control their entire public image with an iron bar.

But given their nakedness, the congregants may have the first advantage for the first time? And, even if it was late?

For the prohibition of one and five to deal with me, the report will also attest to what will happen to 1000 according to the prophet Isaiah in his book in chapter 30 and in verse 17, text that will be given below in bold type as the report progresses, understanding this verse in a clear way despite the fact that the figure of 1000 carries more than one related connotation found in the prophets.

In itself there is another prophecy that says that once these conflicting pastors want to be called by the name of a pastor determined in a rogatory way , that something will flourish in the future for the entire group of Jehovah's Witnesses, and that it will be for decoration.


  The corruption found in her.



 In case the high degree of corruption found in it of which we are few witnesses of the matter today gives to think that not all are equally objectionable.

And it is not the publishers who are involved in it, those in many cases are both fair and permanent in their ignorance of these things, but those are next to the pastor on whom this corruption rests.

And in these congregational houses you give them gifts constantly, and you are responsible for these attitudes, because without these gifts, bribes, they do not move, and they say that those are sacrificed, in this they testify by their own mouth, well? Shouldn't they do it in the manner of the apostolate? Paul never took anything he could not work for himself, and being the example of all to follow.

Nor did he ask for their inheritance, but instead gave them inheritance as good parents do. However, it is forbidden to ask for their inheritance in Ezekiel 46:18.

But corruption does not rest in every shepherd within it, and yet YAHWEH says that the time would come when who is not a thief keeps such a companion within the shepherds.

Isaiah 1 (RV): Your princes, prevaricators and fellow thieves; everyone loves gifts, and they go after rewards; they do not hear the orphan in court, nor does the widow's cause come to them.

And he will say, but sir, those who expel a lot, even young people, and widows who contradict. It is answered that they cannot live to remedy sin. And it cannot be expelled unless they bow down before idols, take intercourse outside their bed adulterating, and kill their orphans and widows, of this there is no forgiveness, but they almost never become so serious, and if they feel they should to give them at least 7 times forgiveness according to Luke chapter 17 in his day or generation; but living from the sin of others as justification for their work they formulate it like this? DO NOT.

And in sadness when I see them, that there are still very young active as for those of Benjamin to repeat yesterday, as I do not know if they will live many more years as far as what this report specifies.

In addition, in this city there are 1000 Jehovah's Witnesses when I entered them, that is, they are related to the prophecy of Isaiah 30: 17 that I will leave below in the report. For those think that GOD will not act here.

But these are not the only ones that offer the covert dictatorship based on a policy to be given in favor of the one who practices mass globalization.

If the trial of Amos over Israel is preceded by the trial of Judah or the nation of Middle Eastern Israel, that is why different portions of its people or land are being formed by the prophet Amos, in this case the Judah portion is another portion of his people who also belong to the tithe, tithe that is about 25 million souls.


 The tribe where the Kingdom would first rest.



 In the case of the tribe of Benjamin they would be a reference to be considered the tribe chosen for a first establishment of the Kingdom as it happened with Saul long ago.

But this inheritance would begin primarily in Spain, forming the locations of the time of the end of the west where Israel is the world, therefore, Spain is next to Judah.

How this tribe ended in Spain could be due to the make-up of the Roman eagle's wings throughout the land of EMMANUEL the LORD of the entire land.

And this granting them the first of the Kingdom is in favor of what happened a long time ago as the tribe of Benjamin, which tribe due to only its stubborn judges was about to disappear by the long knife in the hands of the remaining tribes of Israel; but that somehow this same in its similarity is again to be repeated as for the tribe of Benjamin in the time of the end of the west according to the prophets.

At the time by three errors even four errors already dawned would be given to problems even again in the so-called time of the end of the west as for those of Benjamin, time that begins now.

But it can be said that what has been said about these three errors, even four errors, not only has to be given to those of Benjamin as regards Jehovah's Witnesses, but censorship of a congregation of GOD serves as a rectification, which brings together all those mistakes for which he will not convert it despite re-establishing the kingdom there.

But it can be said that this is said by way of understanding the things of the kingdom, because in itself the kingdom has always been within the shepherd, if you leave a tree or shepherd he is there, and within even a mobile if you approach it hand in hand to hear it as if it were a stone.

In any case, we must pay attention to the entire book of Hosea that speaks of Israel to understand at the same time the future of Benjamin's, and even those of Israel. And this report is an introductory part to the book of Hosea.


  The time of fulfillment of the judgment of Amos.


  As stated above this would be as soon as Carmel will stop having snow on its summit, and two years before an earthquake to be determined.

In addition, as soon as they began to ask the inheritances of the group of Jehovah's Witnesses, because this would corrupt them within it, fulfilling the prophets' saying at the time when Carmel did not have snow, which is when the 8 trials would be mature.

And of course, that money is the cause of this corruption, so a clean and healthy apple will not remain in the same contact with it, and be other fruits or animals that undo fulfills its function, and its role is to return the things before they existed.

In this way when Belial focuses its attention on money in its end there is nothing left, Belial? An angel who is annexed to Satan who has lost all ethical sense, and he is good at transforming the flower into a poison.

In addition, the earth would appear, anointed to be determined by the prophets, the one who writes this report is figuratively the earth, synonymous with the woman, because also how is it that he would know these things if he were not the son of the Psalm 2 to which kings and judges of his people oppose?

But you cannot clear the equation without knowing that YAHWEH paid the ransom, that the LAMB of GOD is himself, YAHWEH.

And this can happen, even heaven can pass as CHRIST said in Matthew 24, but it will not pass a justice to be given by the words in the prophets according to the saying of CHRIST with the fall of Babylon the great that are the US, and his key city that is the other woman being that city of New York.

Being the sign of the son of man what was said about the smoke of the volcano on the network or the Internet, then by that time they will understand part of these things to a degree where they can visualize them in the right way, they will know what comes next, that the Kingdom will not stop until he meets the sons of the shepherd as the future is being all his angels with him.

Hence, Psalm 2 refers to YAHWEH laughing at certain fallen kings or anointed ones, and certain land judges in his people, and this is what Samson and others represented in the living waters from Jerusalem, and that this work Theatrical is another symptom of the arrival of his day or generation to ask the pastor for accounts in time to mutiny people, and emptiness.

YAHWEH represented the son of man on earth emulating the one who would come on the occasion of our development. Psalm 2 warns that the one he chooses will ignite his fury, and "(RV)" Blessed are all who trust in him. ”AND THAT HE CAN COME AFTER BECAUSE OF HIS NAME, for nothing else fears him saying something bad about him, and he will extend his tent, Isaiah cp. 54.


 The woman who rides the wild beast.





 And that city that is the woman that as it is being said is the city of New York, a city that is symbolized by a copy of certain archaeological finds of the Babylonian goddess, goddess who was the mother of all prostitutes on the day of the kingdom of Babylon, and by her statue of liberty that is said Babylonian goddess in her copy of the found one, and it becomes that the emblem of the city arises from which a reference to it is made in the book of Revelation, that that secretly brings the back.

Something really well known and a mystery already clarified by this anointed, plus other people who have worked to help this mystery to the many.

And in that said is the reference to international trade within it, which is like one that walks behind the rulers to win over those, and seduced in the end to get her favor in their disrespect for themselves, come on, that that one is just for your wallets.

But those are not aware because of their beauty, and their offer makes them stagger to this day for not following those an austere course, mature with the means they do have for themselves, with cost-effective savings and spending, because then they can only contain in its end for her less than due.

Cunning and perverse woman is this, and awkwardly they come to stop in front of her, but they continue to do it with her by continuing to invite her to just enter them, but it is in her being intoxicated by her that it consists of greatnesses for which they have already lost the trial, they have lost their north.

And there is a constant in scams because of this woman who put these rulers in blood.

And in this they even kill their own citizens, first for wars promoted by it; and then by its path and end walked to attack in a military way to the East; also, for the state attacks recently committed in certain countries such as in Spain, France ... Which makes them candidates to be Edom, Edom as one of the eight nations prosecuted in the book of Amos, a judgment concerning several countries.

In this way the bloods everywhere for which judgment is to be given for YAHWEH are because of the politics of women in undoing the nation state, and that is done for the sole purpose of stealing their resources, and for with its innumerable wars plotted in poor people, and therefore the blood from this city encamps even in the Saints of the Supreme who are everywhere.

And by these last mentioned bloods of the Saints the judgment of YAHWEH is given to the nation and nations belonging to shooting, to their cooperators like those of Edom, and recording their judgments in the book of Amos, which is also for three even four sins , and therefore they must rejoice in their fall as the book of Revelation declares to them all the brotherhood.

Three sins, even four sins, and at the same time the same three sins, even four sins of Israel, which is Benjamin?

Certainly. And this is why we take this report very seriously, because it is telling us that we were not safe because we were among Jehovah's Witnesses regarding the attitudes it generates as the great city.

Then we know where this source of corruption comes from, which is assimilated by those pastors of Benjamin's who take this power for it by consenting to it. For example, in their notarial fraud, and legal protection.

And that these three errors also share even four errors the eight nations mentioned in the book of Amos for when Mount Carmel lacked snow, that is, now, and not when the shepherds of Jehovah's Witnesses rejoiced the Father's heart in previous inter generations since Pastor Russell.

But this woman does not only confuse as who intoxicates others to get something good for herself, because the city contains some of the personality of the statue, in this way the city generates other daughters such as the mother is.

More What would happen if a religion that has been free were to take it for her? That she would certainly become a prostitute as many betrayed the Holy Covenant as Daniel said.

In itself she is not the chicken pox, but they do to reposition their bricks by removing the old bricks, they break them, they slander them, and then they show their new splendor to the publisher in their youth towards new shepherds within it.

And so in every nation supplanting competent for the most incompetent.

In this way, how much do you want to realize? There is nothing left of the original building , and if someone does not perceive and denounce it, but the high minds are not all, and when doubts are cast in societies, it is a task of dividing and defeating by a expert or understood in doubts, and which would emerge victorious in the time of the end of the west according to the prophet Daniel for the reason of knowing how to generate the pertinent doubts.

Thus a brick to relocate, a pastor attached to his cause, but there are shepherds everywhere scattered according to YAHWEH complaint by the prophet Ezekiel in his chapter 34 because of it.

This is the trick of the germ that relocates its own DNA into a host.

And the doctor?

They take one who started well and they do it doctor, and therefore there is no cure, because it has been revealed against the FATHER.

And you call him his discreet, and you extol him very high, for he is your doctor. Although as the saying goes, doctor: heal yourself.

Therefore, as they also plot to end the faithful anointed ones, and that the useless I have prevented from entering Israel, but he as the PRINCE OF PRINCES, KING OF KINGS comes in order to withdraw the useless I have prevented from Israel described in Chapter 11 of the book of Zechariah.

It may take time for this last saying.

And I know that the witnesses believe that his coming at the time of the fall of Babylon the great one is to fulfill everything said by the prophets, and in such a way that they no longer have problems, but he comes only for the purpose of withdraw at your discrete which allows you to stay for a while at seniors that is undetermined.

And of course, also to remove the woman who rides the wild beast, but to end the city gives to fulfill that that useless I have prevented Israel from fighting without one of the two arms, more without an eye.

It is as Paul said, that men who are shepherds can bring much pain to themselves for the love of money, the more if they steal it from their brothers they are in the homes of those as is happening in Jehovah's Witnesses.

More that said has to do with something to the five pastors who are appointed in the prophecy in a single congregation of those of Benjamin, who would become a warning example to congregations of YAHWEH.

And we can be sure that without this trade from the mother prostitute as the city to be denounced by YAHWEH, that the five pastors who are the first reference of this report would not have the mechanism of taking what YAHWEH forbids giving, their inheritances, and that That is why we would have saved all much badly, plus the evil that comes to us after the end of this current generation:

Ezekiel 46 (RV): 18 And the prince shall not take anything from the inheritance of the people, for not disappointing them of his possession; what he owns will give inheritance to his children; so that my people are not thrown out each of their possession.

In this way, without taking the inheritance of those of the people in Jehovah's Witnesses in advance, the generation or day of YAHWEH would not come, and to ask us for accounts for the damages caused to the brothers due to this corruption.

That is to say, this proceeding would have to happen in disobedience to YAHWEH regarding this bad practice of asking for their inheritances so that their day would come, so asking them is another sign of the arrival of their day of adjustment of accounts to Babylon the great and Your big city in New York.


  The five pastors described in the prophets.


  In this way, two mistakes would be made to be determined in 5 local pastors, and in regard to a congregation already determined, and therefore these pastors would be skewered by the rest of the tribes, such as that of Ephraim, and above all of Benjamin just like yesterday, or in a similar way.

But, although the book of Hosea imputes two errors to them, in reality the Father was quieting matters, and while he kept silent, they then had time to rectify things for those pastors of Benjamin.

But there are three even four errors, because by two they would be discovered.

And Rama will awaken upon them as soon as his earth trembles due to the great earthquake that will occur in the US zone, to say Rama is to say those of Ephraim, but as has been said not only those of Ephraim.

Even for those of Bet-avén or house of evil, his current Bethel, because as I said to the son of a Philistine in warning and 2nd father of the Philistine woman, the uncle of the nephew who appear in the bible in the book of Amos in chapter 6, that their mistakes would not give to be protected by those who protected them as their actions damaged them in their daring, that they would be left alone, because as anointed they were censured by the FATHER; In fact, what was said to him is nothing more than part of Samson's story in the living waters from Jerusalem, of what would have to come later, in this way not in vain they were warned even before the matter arrived.

And that of Samson and the father of the Philistine daughter comes to fulfill in the saying that if it were for them they would burn them alive, because for them they are now undone. How? Well, Samson's foxes flame is my saint.

And it is as the treaty of the art of war says, that when a stone is square it is still raised on a high and as a throwing down the mountain, that it will not do much harm if any, but that if this stone is compared to the soldier the motives, or you remove the edges and round, then your inertia will be potentially lethal, and that is what has been done with me, motivate me by the uncle and nephew recorded in Amos chapter 6.

But would their publishers pay the penalty this time? I fear that.

Also, say that there is nothing hidden that is not known.

And the rebuke is just like in the day of Güilbeah according to the prophecy of the book of Hosea for this time of the end of the west and as for Benjamin.

And that is why it is still to be expected that the righteous pay for sinners.

That is to say, that they would repeat the events of yesterday in today regarding those of the tribe of Benjamin, more in a given congregation of the time of the end of the west, therefore in a certain city of 1000 Jehovah's Witnesses, and where their 30 pastors have already named again the new Saul of the living waters from Jerusalem, waters or answers that are alive that dawn in the generation of the end of the west according to the prophet Zechariah.

And if these data were not enough, it must be said that an uncle and a nephew would be dominant in the area according to chapter 6 of the book of Amos, but this nephew and his uncle are part of the five censored by YAHWEH as to the tribe of Benjamin, more recorded in the prophets.


 The new Saul.



 In this way 30 shepherds named Saul the uncle's nephew, but Saul responds according to what he is, on the one hand, the highest pastor of every other pastor in the good that is in him, and which has kept at bay double shepherds in their city in a brave and determined way.

In this way he is the most laudable among every other pastor among half a million in the four ends of the earth and as regards Jehovah's Witnesses, and this is so because he was the first to act so decidedly. And that said is not anything.

And in the bad his pain for his loss to YAHWEH has not allowed him to act rationally, and, in addition, he has been given a bad spirit on the part of YAHWEH, and thus there has been an act on his part that has made greater difficulties in attacking the envoy to the house, envoy that is none other than this who writes this report, and although this leads to his ruin in his final conclusion, because I have not been allowed to participate in the contest just as it happened to Prince David. Otherwise I would have won in favor of his house for YAHWEH by being YAHWEH at that time by my side.

But those for him still repeat things that were not seen in Saul's time, including the sin of the days of Güilbeah.

For this reason, although his house is still in danger again, in addition, this time they put at risk of death a whole tribe of which he is participating since he was born, because the new Saul has his house in Güilbeah, Benjamin's territory.

New Saul? That seer from the dead showed Samuel that he said he would be the day after, that is, in a given generation he would return. And if it is that I do not know, if this is just a theatrical performance by our ALFARERO by way of teaching. But his spirit and personality is really that of that other. And this is said by someone named Lazarus, Eleazar in regard to Samson's story, because there he is buried.

It is only that for these things he will not again become king in Israel with his lineage. And if it is true that if I did not contain these deficiencies, such as that which he would become king in Israel permanently in his house, I have seen this; and, what is more, any congregate that attended to this report would affirm it thus when understanding what he believed in his congregation.

In addition, as from behind he has not given to destruction the request of inheritance, he even participates in it as an unfair gain in favor of his house; He has not killed the one who is to be killed and his gain given to total destruction without taking anything from the spoil, and insofar as CHRIST as SAMUEL with his word breaks it into pieces in such a way that the body is scrapped as far as the pedigree is concerned. , which is what he should have done with everyone who asks for inheritance, leave it in this way to the public gathered in it.

Of course, with the word, because today they have us educated in another way that is the one that suits them, it suits them that we be good and that we don't arm ourselves, but didn't CHRIST say that one moment we bought a weapon? This is not his time, that of the weapon, but it serves to understand that we are soldiers of CHRIST, and that he is born of David is meaning everything.

In the rest, he has lacked personality, self-confidence, in his good judgment, and therefore he has encouraged idolatry to discreetly in order to keep his house with spiritual life, knowing how he knows that it was not approved by YAHWEH as the king of Israel.

In addition, because of his pain he neither eats nor lets another one eat from the crown of the FATHER, killing this time by joining forces with the Philistine the donkey to enter Jerusalem which is to be called this time Samson and not King David before the congregated, for I represent it.

Hence, with the still wet jaw of such a donkey mate the 1000 goat shepherds of Spain, in addition, which distributes it in two piles to another anointed who do the same. They fight against the Kingdom.

But this story of Samson that is repeated in the time of the end of the west, showing at what moment in its history its people are, which is in the reconstruction of the new land, is not the only one that dawns today from the book of the judges .

That is, the rest of the book of the judges will continue to be fulfilled towards the end of the book in a double prophetic pattern as determined by the FATHER.

Thus at the time, in acts such as what happened from behind in Güilbeah, and where a concubine was raped until she died at dawn by the way she was taken by Benjamin's men who are useless?


  The violations.



 Well, to silence the violations of children among the assembled Jehovah's Witnesses, this double prophetic pattern regarding the book of judges and what happened in Güilbeah is fulfilled.

For if violations occur that are not dealt with by the pastors of those of the group of Jehovah's Witnesses, the pastors of Benjamin are silent, just like others who are not of Benjamin; and being the justice of the peoples in the nations that in the end have helped both the minor and the parents disengaged in it, even the parents assaulted, I have even again the children by such pastors by asking them to hug their rapists to make peace.

Crazy, because for me I paid prisoners to give these unfortunates the same thing the child has received, because they have both straight and mouth for such an end in old meat, or not so old, and that they embrace any of these later, that they are violated again by conditioned their minds to exercise by a rationalization an act again unnatural as it is to embrace the aggressor.

But due to the dignity of his charges it would even be an affront to do so, not that it is not fair to do so giving an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, but for not degrading the position in those who already degrade him to this degree in which degrade

But on second thought, those pastors who do this suffer from a given ignorance, but have they lowered themselves so that YAHWEH is not able to forgive them?

In addition, all the pastors of Benjamin are stubborn, according to the prophecy that says it so resounding! And as we see and collaborate as their direct witnesses of what has already been seen that they are all without exception.

In reality, these men who are shepherds outrage in their obedience to this Jezebel described in the book of Revelation in the second chapter of the book in the anointed congregation of Thyatira, because they have left their clothes, their positions in a chair to attend things at her request, so there are times when they serve without any clothes, yes, totally naked in their positions.

More with a pride that is how they allow it, and that exceeds their own height, that they are very large as a dress just like anybody in this quality, because those who are humble to the future of those among the people will be wise from among the people.

Hence the word ginger or affectation in those who contain arrogance, but who must appear to be a humble being, therefore understanding towards others.

It is like a suit that does not fit in the body, in addition, it is the case of leaving in his service to GOD as his mother gave birth to when speaking to the entire flock of GOD; being another thing that the publisher does not perceive of it when not knowing the hidden things of the FATHER in the Scripture that he kept in reserve.

And who are these? The sons of the Jezebel. But every pastor also participates in it to this day, which is why repentance is required in those who are not children of the Jezebel but are pastors.

And from this it is true that the book of Revelation, which speaks of a third of dead shepherds in chapter 9, and that there are men who are pastors among the freemasons who are surviving spiritualists indicate the degree of affectation of these parasites with clothes, charges in the house of the FATHER in Jehovah's Witnesses. More than leaving naked from there at the time of our FATHER.

But there is arrogance for his vain being as a sign that there are haughtiness even outside these children of the Jezebel, that is, if those are unrecognizable fat within it, for otherwise they would not prosper within it, that others have become contaminated. , in this way these brothers are not speaking the truth to their neighbor by not giving themselves as they are, that nothing would happen, because each one is as it is, but it would not be wrong before the publisher if each one showed himself as he is .

And the publisher goes hand in hand with this, because they take from the waters that come out of these hearts that are wicked, that is why their waters or responses that go out to the heart of the publisher are wicked whereby Israel, Benjamin, has become defiled; and this is something as much accepted in his ignorance as already normalized within those of Benjamin. But in those of the other tribes Israel too.

And this explains the reason for saying a wicked thing from the platform, the congregation laughs loudly. This is not humor, if a child falls while an Apostle is still resurrected then he does not like a certain person.

But I have seen people laugh at things that have no grace, and as a child it was as passable because of its context, it can make people laugh, but it is not funny, that they tell the mother.

And it seems that Belial does nothing else but to attract young lambs to this house of Benjamin to still slaughter him, or is it that my GOD sensitizes me to attend them in some way, and in the manner of a motivation of this soldier of CHRIST, who It is when I see them walking alone through the city of the 1000 Jehovah's Witnesses, and being so young that it gives me some sadness and helplessness in seeing them like this knowing that I cannot do anything for the prohibition of one and five, as the prophet Isaiah prophesied: furthermore, the poor have done nothing to me to blind compassion, nor have they participated in any way in the cause of the judgment; and only seven years ago they were children towards adolescence, who were very happy being far from understanding these things, and on which my concern was centered. What would become of them?

And as for the anointed congregation of Thyatira and her Jezebel this was said by him, that she does not want to repent, and her children are for death, the goat shepherds are these children of the Jezebel whose figure amounts to a quarter of the total of grazing today; but it is all for money, the least money is made for this vicissitude created by rapists within it.

But in my opinion in the second prophetic pattern of the woman violated by the Güilbeah of the book of judges there is even something else, an implied sister who, like the one from behind, is again affected.


  Güilbeah's raped woman.



 In this of the wife of Güilbeah, that the vehicle to understand the prophecy is at the same time the representation of the living waters from Jerusalem described by the prophet Zechariah in its chapter 14, and its representation indicates that it is his day, the DAY or generation of the performance of YAHWEH.

And as seen by this Jacob or actor this has already happened in my understanding of things to this day, that of the woman of Güilbeah dawns somehow fulfilled before the present Jehovah's Witnesses as for Benjamin even again.

But this woman from Güilbeah should not be confused with the eldest daughter, and the youngest of Saul. That actually rests in Rama's territory of Ephraim, Joseph's house. At the same time, the one who is Saul's daughter rests in Güilbeah.

But the stubborn judges of Benjamin do not have to attend to it in time, because they understand justice in a very their way that is like who does nothing, and the matter is gradually leaking until giving birth to a situation that is about dawn, even that of the new Judge Samson after the fall of the Philistine temple. Samson used for his first lawsuit the one who lives in Güilbeah for his work of denunciation, because this time YAWHEH as from behind had something against the shepherds of Benjamin, and as for the goat shepherds, the commercial watchmen, the Philistines inside of her. That is, what was said in the story of Judge Samson.

But would they refrain due to the denunciation by the daughter of the Philistine given to another who would have according to YAHWEH's testimony that to be the only one as the guest at my wedding, the one invited to her in the week that a wedding lasts among the young witnesses of Jehovah, according to his custom, 7 days?

No, but they take it in time for another sister since those of Benjamin can not rape me, because I have defense in who is a pastor among those of José my brother where I spend 4 months.

That is to say, its two errors described in the book of Hosea by which said shepherds will be skewered, but that there are three even four errors.

Which tells futures if YAHWEH does not remedy it by formalizing it as the back, that all against you, oh, Benjamin, says the LORD in his word in the book of Hosea.

In itself the prophetic text says that this particular time and what happened in Güilbeah is similar, so the judges would be as said stubbornly as the book of Hosea declares, and capable of violating the spirit of the women gathered in it for those who are not worth anything if the Jezebel requires it in those of Benjamin; or for a commission, even for the price of sneakers. But also for staying in office.

That is to say, even in this we do not speak only of the goat-like shepherds within it as the participants in this dispossession, that even for a pair of shoes, a pair of sandals for the feet as Amos's judgment of Israel says in its chapter 2 sell to the poor, and that also stands out in chapter 8 of the prophet Amos by joining those to the way of being that brings globalization today, from its usury, and that is to be positioned to be the power in the hands of a single family, but that this is done in their town by dispossessing them of their possessions even in the shepherds in their ignorance that they are not goats; which will leave them exposed, more with a spiritual food that is only a waste of what could be given to them such as a waste of wheat.

That is why they will be dressed in silicon, or sackcloth, that is, as in mourning instead of songs as the book of Amos and Revelation declares.

More than they will want to know the hidden things in the Bible, but that even wanting to drink the waters contained within the Scriptures this time they will not be able to obtain these answers in a dark time which has to enter.

You call it a hunger not of bread, and a thirst, but not of water, but of hearing the words that come out of the mouth of YAHWEH.

Amos 8 (RV): 6 and we will buy the poor for money, and those in need for a pair of shoes, and we will sell the wheat waste.

7 The LORD swore by the glory of Jacob: I will not forget forever all his works.

8 Should not the earth shake on this? And every inhabitant of her will not cry? And it will rise all like a river, and it will be thrown, and it will be sunk like the river of Egypt.

9 And it shall come to pass on that day, said the Lord GOD, that I will cause the sun to set at noon, and the earth shall cover with darkness on the clear day.

10 And I will turn your parties into tears, and all your songs in lays; and I will make sackcloth on every spine, and peeling on every head; and I will make her as in the cry of the only begotten, and her last day as bitter day.

11 Behold, days are coming, said the Lord GOD, in which I will send hunger to the earth, not hunger for bread, nor thirst for water, but to hear the word of the LORD.

That is why we move through comparisons as the means of making them understand the things contained within Scripture, but to figure out as a sin like Güilbeah's, and where Benjamin's men rape a concubine until she is killed, then the staging the past has to be repeated in the present in some way, and this becomes true in the living waters from Jerusalem that would occur in the generation of the end of the west, and where the events of the past in the spirit are represented by its spirit present through living characters, and he our ALFARERO.

It becomes more true that the book of Hosea mentions the location of Güilbeah, being also true that the new Saul lives in Güilbeah, it is only that he says the prophecy recorded in Hosea that they have not heard the rebuke of his GOD just like those others of behind those of the Güilbeah.

That is to say, it is like that of that day recorded in the book of the judges, but that is not fulfilled in the same way, but that it is just like what has already happened.

In this the staging of the living waters from Jerusalem helps to understand what is described at the end of the book of the judges in its double prophetic pattern, and where there is a servant, a concubine of the same origin as the Priest, and who also accompany them two donkeys, and that are those plausibly involved in their second prophetic pattern both CHRIST and David, or for being of the 144,000 as born in Bethlehem of Judah or Efratea, but at the time of the end of the west. At the time, that being CHRIST within the Priest the servant is the son of the new woman of Güilbeah.

But first this woman who is the rape of Güilbeah, and who has an honorable role in the living waters like Rachel and Delilah for him, and then at the same time is the mother of Micas who is from Bethel after Samson's story in the book of the judges, but here he who was Samson is that Priest, because after they died in the name just as my brothers have killed them in their names, to the anointed rest, that Samson kills more Philistines later.

And thus prolonging the story of Samson towards a final battle between shepherds that will happen after the fall of the great city or another, because the living waters from Jerusalem intend to attend to the story of Gideon, and then that of Judge Samson until The end of the book of the judges.

More to my brother Gideon you know him by what is said in the book of Revelation in which he is called the destroyer, which had his name in Hebrew, Abaddon, and in Greek, Apollion which means as I said destroyer, that he is who is to open the door of the abyss, and from the hole of the volcano come the lobsters crowned among the smoke of a volcano.

That then plays Abraham in his day that freed them along with Lot, and madly returned to their masters of the jurisdictional district of Sodom and Gomorrah in a second pattern of events.

And this of the waters or answers that are alive, the prophet Zacharias referred to the end of his book in the day or generation that would see the end of the west as has been said, and that is repeated in order to take it into account in terms of sense of the report That is why these living waters contemplate even the imbued in scrolls kept by the zeal of YAHWEH, more than they are at the time of the biblical canon, but not recognized by every man or pastor.

But such a theatrical representation that has as its day or generation that of YAHWEH, and in one in which one has to request a payment from Babylon greater than the other one from behind, does not end in the above-mentioned generation said theatrical representation of the living waters, but its representation continues.

And even to cover a time after its fall being a mystery for the moment its development, and that can cover even generations farther from our current, even to overcome the millennium, even two or three millennia to complete the play of the living waters, just when the son of man sits on his throne and gives it a radiance.

Therefore, for the reason that events of the past have been repeated in the present through this theatrical representation of the living waters, the saying that those of Benjamin of the past are very similar to their offspring of the present, so much is so it is until repeating the facts of the past in some way giving rise to a certain judgment to be given to them among their pastors that are not worth anything, but that affects their congregates at the same time as yesterday.





 Therefore, is the beginning of everything that could happen to those of Benjamin because of a violation such as the past, because this is to be missed in the group of Jehovah's Witnesses?

As Scripture says in the book of Hosea that the Bible is to be based on comparisons and similarities to what was said by the prophets.

It is agreed that having a person rationally do something against his or her will not be considered as a violation, for example, for the child to pick up his room once a week.

And that on the contrary the violation goes beyond being taken or taken, but in that it does not reflect its own constitution at the time to be forced or shaped in this way the unnatural.

And in this way the story of the end of the book of the judges in the representation of the living waters would be moved, in a virtual way, but with a result to be similar to the one behind in regard to the woman of the Güilbeah.

But if they are able to hypnotize the way the CIA is talked about by just doping your coffee, and this is given to the knowledge learned from lackeys of an origin determined by the Holy Writ as spiritualists, and that are not to be very intelligent for that purpose, but obediently professional as the soldier, and that in this there was a dark hand like that of Freemasonry above those of the CIA, more inside the house of Jehovah's Witness.

In this, the Freemasons have taken over the Watchtower through trade in men who are pastors, as chapter 9 of the book of Revelation says, that those who do not want to repent, in pastors who do rely on spiritualism in As for this dark entity, and that in this case it could still be a full-fledged violation as long as the person will not remember anything, I have even deeply esteemed the brothers who did that, because he is a puppet as long as they play it. shoulder or any other signal that activates the victim's subconscious.

But I do not speak precisely of this woman like Güilbeah's, which is why she said she seems to be speculative, but I speak of every sister exposed to those today, that is, in the four ends of the earth as regards Jehovah's Witnesses. .

And that they will practice it that way I do not know, only that it can be given that way by finding Masonic symbols in the constructions of Jehovah's Witnesses, in people who point to the light, and who even approached Pastor Russel as bees to the flower, because the Masons and enlighten them are like the same, they seek true knowledge, but with another spirit, a dark one. More dominate those in the west. For example, General Franco was a Mason ...

But this of the CIA or the Mason who would dominate them in regard to the Mason to those of the secret agency is a misplaced argument about Güilbeah's wife, because when they force you against something against your nature, something dies in you, and it is something like the violated, and that is the teaching.

For example, that you reject loved ones, because, although strong is the rationalization behind it, if that does not seem like a matter of justice, then it must be created in conflict with the spirit of the person, and that until killing the inner person and not only with respect to the other. In this case this is a formalized violation, although it may be disagreed to call it that.

In this way, if the act is to take for a notarial fraud the means of the brother will be very interested that he does not marry, then in a forced way they will see him as a bad person who will make that one or the other unfortunate as he took, but even presented the matter as in justice, not every person is unintelligent so that something formalized like that does not collide within him, although it seems to come from YAHWEH, what will those do then?

Insist, retake the subject, and take it again, and take it again, and so on and on, and what should it be for the sister if she also has the spirit of YAHWEH contradicting what the pastor said to those she has for men sent by YAHWEH? How does this sister end up? Live, but not before him who is the intended one, but dead with his hands towards him, towards the threshold of his door or instance, which is as narrated in the last account of the book of the judges on how Güilbeah's wife ended up as for him.

And that said if it looks a lot like what was said in the book of the judges and that it has been fulfilled again, but the context of the book of the Judges coincides in every detail with the rest that is not told here.

That is why I have to highlight this vicissitude towards this concubine here as long as I have ten talents of silver, and that is why I give birth as in ten pieces to each tribe of Israel.

And a piece to those of Benjamin? No, they already know it, even before me, because they began to perpetrate it even there through a pastor who is from his 1000 or Güilbeah city, passing through the school of Gilead.


  The double reading of the story of the raped woman of Guilbeah.



 But this is not all, in Gúilbeah's raped woman there is even a bifurcation of the facts described in the last story of the book of judges that leads Merab the eldest daughter of Saul to correspond to the linearity of that story, and converting to the host to the uncle's nephew who appears in Amos 6, which corresponds to Saul.

And while it is true that in Samson's account the uncle is the father of that woman.

How is this?

In no way is Merab, and if what has come to be Delilah in Samson's account that disregarding my advice went to Saul in order to do things well, that is to say Judah of Bethlehem, for Saul was king of Israel, That is why he was also born in Bethlehem, but he showed me hospitality in his new congregation. And so the last account of the book of the judges rushes again in its double prophetic pattern.

Just as Saul ruled 100 foreskins among the Philistines as a condition for David, that in this line all matters are precipitated to fulfill at the same time that of the wife of Güilbeah in Merab eldest daughter of Saul.

And like you, he thinks that one of the two is the true woman of Gúilbeah. There is a double aspect, as all are her.

But think about this that I say to myself, that when the more than 300 thousand letters of the Pentateuch are exposed in fifty-letter blocks horizontally and vertically, a crossword puzzle appears that always contains the word Tora to the upper left, and yes, data comes out, but they don't know the code that allows to get all the future information that YAHWEH put between the lines, and that he as a musician and mathematician also arranged; even retracted, because Jacob is small and it will not happen, says the book of Amos, that a nuclear fire eats the planetary north in 2006 according to the mathematical decoding of the pentateuch that until now has not made an error in what has already been drawn by the science of Computing and mathematics.

It is for this reason that I know of the intelligence given in the Holy Writ just like every Jehovah's Witness, plus others out there.

In addition, this has the other code that allows the prophets to understand to the fullest, but I have it inside me, the key to each fitting, and did not leave 7 braids in bald head to Samson, or the seven talents of silver? But he put these keys inside me, for he is rich in loving and true goodness , and he became fierce while this lost sheep.

In this way, making a text that complies with two sisters for this Supreme mind is feasible, and even the context in which the affairs would be developed starts from a given order, being that the men of Benjamin who are not worth anything that have come to practice inside the house that it is sometimes that a certain brother does not marry in view of a future commission, and they combine notarial fraud, and that the things to be fulfilled even in two women go in the same line; more than on the part of Saul, the occurrence of making believe that he had some intention of leaving something of mine, which is fictitious on his part, but which sets the Philistines in motion started.

And the time fulfilled in which David had more than 100 foreskins of these if this is possible, if it is to be killed in names, but you have to stop breathing at a time that is not appropriate for this to ask for it, because no there is another means of returning them to him as chapter 2 of the book of Revelation says regarding the anointed congregation of Thyatira, that the sons of the Jezebel will die; but in any case the word given is broken, because Saul offers something that cannot be achieved if it is about circumcising 100 Philistines, of making them Israelites or foreigners.

And this of the word and of fulfilling it is of importance in a king, that is to say in Judah, but the importance in the faithful Priests is equally important, so it is very convenient to be prudent with the mouth either in Judah or in Levi.

But there must be no problem with the word given in the future in the Kingdom, nor in Levi.

In fact, the hope of humanity also rests on Levi, and a Priest is more than a king.


  The faithful priesthood.



 Actually, the priesthood is needed, and those others do not laugh, for evil is paid for evil, but for his evil those of Benjamin and even Ephraim the wicked are glad to this day.

I mean today they laugh at those who come from Levi son of Israel, because they do not contain the power of unity within it so that they can formalize a fortified help, but the power of their GOD and FATHER will That this crooked straightens over time.

There are three portions of Levi, one portion has to be given to the descendants

de Levi, one very big more than the others; the other is the priesthood containing High Priests; and another portion is to deliver to the FATHER's service judges as it is in my case, or that I deliver the judgment of YAHWEH, for only YAHWEH is JUDGE, and this is what this report is about; more write

More than Judah a king will be born who will make a new Priesthood in the manner of the nations.

In if the latter said is specified in CHRIST.

In addition, the new Priest may still be coming to be the solution to what exists today, and will come to pass after the thousand years described in the book of Revelation or not, for his arrival, that of this king is also unpredictable in a specific generation if it happens after CHRIST.

But what if those pastors who are to promote the Priest, Priests who are made to dilute the rich's mockery of the social order will fail?

If, for them, even the wicked would be happy as said, and unfortunately this saying has been fulfilled in the prophets sent from YAHWEH, and those of their land or people, such as the crying for an only-begotten son, will not mourn , and the earth is not to sink like the Nile?

For this reason the purpose of YAHWEH would be postponed for later, so the congregants then do not know everything that the times are going to hold just because of this delay, and this is what Moses already spoke in chapter 32 of the book of Deuteronomy calling them crazy and ignorant; more by asking who is stronger, his discreet to the many or his Fort, his Fort.

Therefore, from the smoke of the volcano as a hell, the principle of a new change according to Moses will be observed in his prophetic words in that chapter of Deuteronomy, that is, the same thing that narrates the first four trumpets of the apocalypse. In this there will be no compassion for his youth because of his current attitudes according to Moses.


  The congregation cited in the prophets.



 And in this the tribe of Benjamin has also cooperated in regard to its men who are shepherds who are worthless, doing to eat the fruit of the womb, or the Priest as will be seen below, in an act that is described in the prophets for the time of the end of the west.

However, YAHWEH has honored the most deficient tribe by giving it the Kingdom to cover its deficiencies in the hands of those of Benjamin on this day or generation of YAHWEH from the end of the west, and because they were almost extinct from behind because of the stubborn judge.

In this way the territory of Benjamin, Spain, and a city of 1000 Jehovah's Witnesses are part of the scenario of the prophecy contained in the book of Hosea and the prophets.

In addition, according to the prophecy the city would contain five shepherds to censor, but eventually one would arrive representing the highest rich in Bethel to finally fulfill the prophecy in the totality and in the prophets in Lazarus; in addition, in a congregation where a nephew and an uncle would meet as recorded in chapter 6 of the book of Amos, and all at the time of the generation of the end of the west.

And this has been in the congregation of Valladolid, Spain, a congregation already dissolved that was called the north of Valladolid, a congregation that is the center of prophecy at the time of the end of the west, in addition, as it is implied are an example warning of others like this in the four ends of the earth.

Even this congregation is described in some lines in what was found in the cave of Qumran, and where they would find three books, one written by Melchizedek, and two by Abraham. And not everything will be touched in this report just because of the volume that exceeds that of a watchtower that of the house or congregation at the top of Sodom described in Salem's story narrated by Abraham from Melchizedek's mouth. But it is Saul's house today.

But as for this good congregation in the north of Valladolid, Spain, the waters or responses will not rain heavily in that this same congregation is not honored in the good in it.

But it is more constructive to see that they failed as a correction than to praise what already happened in their given glory, because they fell for an anointed disguised in shadows, their discreet to the many, and which killed them dissolving them in order to make this congregation its center of operations against Jerusalem, in order to take the crown of the FATHER from this high of Sodom, because this house prevented it.

That is why I am now surrounded by a large hornet, and where by the prohibition of five plus one I cannot help my little brothers, the little ones, because they threaten them in case of attending precisely those who should support me.


  The congregation in which the prodigal son was. And Lazaro.


  "The biggest show is a struggling man fighting adversity; but there is another even bigger one; seeing another man throw himself to his aid ·"

-Oliver Goldsmith-


And I am such a prodigal son or one who will determine it, one badly accustomed to my FATHER, but not by him but by myself, in fact, I am that prodigal son conforming to a prophecy in the form of an illustration in him.

And what does he or the son of man have to do with the term?

And this saying of the prodigal son can still be repeated in the future, conforming the prophecy to its end for when the son of man sits on his glorious throne, which I hope will not happen. At that time the separation between sheep and goats would be fulfilled. and insofar as wheat is harvested at the time of strong volcanic activity.

Actually, this is today both stark and useless, and that looks a lot like its discreet censored, and without it wanting to judge this or that, well, I also do not know in which discrete lies the prophecy of such discreet being that seated in the shadows in his betel; In fact, even he could be deceased by this date. And on his shirt he bears the flag of the USA.

But the problem must be his succession that rests on who will follow the same path as that, or it is simply the one who remains in the post despite the performance of the two witnesses recorded in chapter 11 of the book of Revelation.

Actually, as for this as a son, he does not allow himself to be helped by him, because, in addition, his pastors did to kill me, but he is willing to help the whole world, and even those at that time that I was left behind, more to all gathered.

And this indicates a fundamental problem, since he is not able to receive from others, he gives, but he does not accept receiving in any way, being even with him.

Which requires for his FATHER two strategies to be followed by him, one to make him see with the greatest possible touch, but in a firm way, things as they are, and how he behaves towards his FATHER whom without pretending he disrespects him , and, on the other hand, give it the time you need to understand it for yourself. At the same time, it may be that his attitude is learned from his subconscious in regard to the treatment received from his childhood, even congregated.

That is why the prophetic illustration of the prodigal son contains a time of development in his staging until he gives the clothes to the prodigal son. In this, only the FATHER is exalted. The dress may indicate the man's son.

And there are plenty of words to make you understand the desolation this causes of causing the child to realize what he did not see in himself.

Actually, two men at that time arrive dirty to what would be today the wedding of the lamb according to the book written by Abraham found in the cave of Qumran, and in a second prophetic pattern that would occur in the time of the end of the west according to the manuscript found, and according to CHRIST.

And that would be the same as what happened in the city of the ancient Salem settled on Mount Zion, and being the manuscript that states that what happened in Salem, Jerusalem, happened in the high skies with Lucifer, and that it was repeated in the time of the end of the west as repeated in the time of Abraham at the time that foreign armies to the district of Sodom and Gomorrah went to war kidnapping Lot and his family.

That one to conquer the city of Salem went to a house that was in a high of the city of Sodom, and killed them all of the house, and in the time of the end it has dissolved them.

Actually, one of the characters of the double prophetic pattern event has to be the discreet disguised among the shadows, and the other that escapes behind the walls of the city of Sodom arriving at the city of Salem with signs of abuse should correspond to Melchizedek or his substitute in this case.

And with the shattered royal scepter.

In addition, as has been said both with their dirty clothing would converge on the wedding of the lamb.


In this we must go both to the prophecy of Genesis and to what is described in chapter 12 of the book of Revelation.

It is said among Jehovah's Witnesses that the snake bites on the heel, and then that one hits the snake in the head, but first in the enmity that YAHWEH gives between the woman and the snake and in their respective offspring, that first the snake's head is struck, and then he bites the woman in the foot.

And within the dream world that a snake bites you in the foot means that you take away the bases of emotional support without being able to be strong in life as it passes. Killing you probably won't kill you just like most snake bites on your foot, it's worse if it's on your hand, since in this case you contemplate less chance of survival. The translations use the word heel, that is, on the foot and not on the heel but barely on the heel.

What does so much damage to the snake so that it is forced to attack as long as this does not suit it?

As chapter 12 of the Revelation says that it throws a river of liars that the woman's synonymous land must filter. This is the earth.

On the other hand, when the time of 365 days, times, and half of a time or about six months is fulfilled, the snake would know what the offspring of the woman is, and therefore the mouth would bite on the foot when attacked. This gives July 2019 as a first time for the snake's mouth, as this is the one that returns to its own place to be maintained by GOD as the work of cleaning the waters or the responses is performed, and which is synonymous with the woman, in this case would be the earth, two anointed ones, and one of the two or the other the son.

This is the one in charge of cleaning the waters or the answers, more than as I said I am the prodigal son, and I look very much like that son of man.

But at the time of Elysium, and that as he cleanses the same waters in the case of this, in this case the answers of Scripture to Jehovah's Witness.

But rather it is angels as artisans who fix the musical instrument that allows the purification of the waters or the answers from YAHWEH. A work that is by Elíseo that cleans the contaminated waters or responses when the last one arrives and wears the 7 braids on the head.

But I don't know how I fit into this situation that has already taken place in Jerusalem, I'm just witnessing the facts, and looking like it without wanting it very much to its discreet current, and that is because I am drawn to the story being that the spirit constitutes me like that, or that precisely the matter precipitates in me, come on, that it is incorrect without realizing it, after all, I am not very believed, and nobody believes me. In this way it should be ruled out that I want to stand out in this, rather if I could allow myself to hide, but I give my face, and I do not hide in the shadows despite shame. How much less hidden the truth!

And without the scepter in the form of a musical instrument he cannot rule.

Said Royal Staff to this day or generation is shattered, and serves to give all the knowledge of GOD in the form of a new song, but that by artisans who are angels can be even better than from behind as it already happened from behind, which he was astonished due to the damage by the one who resembles his discreet today to the many caused to the Royal Staff.

And it is possible that such a discreet one is no longer present, since I could have been someone who has already died as I said, because I will then have gone down to another body as they commented from the time of CHRIST until the sentence imposed by the FATHER is fulfilled.

Anyway, that's who comes to the celebration without the right clothes. When? I find it difficult for now to be such a meeting, and in which it seems that I have been invited even watching him from afar, in addition, that from his departure to the nuptial chamber it is now, and without this coitus there is no life to the spirit.

For the mother is the earth or planet, and the FATHER is heaven, plus the sons of men begin with a coitus of a male to a female and father in it, but it is not the case of being born in the chamber Bridal groom, what is born is not the same as men born of women.

And since the musical instrument is in his possession there is government.

In this way when the musical instrument that gives the truth in the form of a new song sounds with all its beauty towards its correct harmonics, then the kingdom will be in harmony with the song in its performances.

And in this the 1000 publishers of the Sodom high and place of residence of Saul, Güilbeah, would be competent even to lower the strength of the nations by the future technically speaking


 The 1000.



 In addition, there are 1000 goat-type shepherds in the Spanish nation in a quarter of all of them, and at the same time they comply with the saying of the figure of 1000 in the living waters from Jerusalem and in new Judge Samson.

Samson who has not been other than this one who writes this report, plus which figure of 1000 at the time there is in the prophets, and the living waters being an instrument in the hands of the LORD of all the earth, and for the purpose of provide adequate staging at this particular time in terms of these commercials in the house of the watchtower, the Philistines within it.

And this is so because it is vital for the purpose of YAHWEH to dismantle the American nation called Babylon the Great, and its city that is the one that introduces these goat-like shepherds into it, the merchants, the watchtower commercials, and of a certain origin Mason in anathema that is at the service of a capitalism within it. The new Philistines in it.

And, furthermore, from Moses in his saying in Deuteronomy in chapter 32 of the book that speaks of the madness of ignorance that is in the present Jehovah's Witness, which they take as their fort to the one who is not Strong, and who mentioned the flight one thousand for one, as long as that one is not Strong except for YAHWEH, and having at least two strong ones, even 7000; and as for the prophet Isaiah in that the little one has to be 1000, that is, Benjamin.

That is, the city of Valladolid will be free in its 1000 Jehovah's Witnesses being integrated into Patriarch Benjamin, the little one, and do what they did, but nothing has made it easier than the stubborn attitude of their judges, their pastors within her. Even by resurrection it would happen.

And to which you always have to refer beautiful words, because they do not accept the warning, but not to admonish them is worse, because in praise they have not grown in it. And in humility lies wisdom.

But that before they will be frightened by the prohibition of one, and, in addition, of five, and the threat is to deal with me, which is the saying that fulfills in Isaiah 30: 17, for they will not be prepared for what is to enter them, this:

Isaiah 30 (RV): 17 A thousand will flee to the threat of one; you will all flee to the threat of five; until you remain as a mast at the top of the mountain; and as a flag on some head.

And this has to be fulfilled in that the darkness completely conceals the sun in a certain part of the planet, and the moon, and the stars are not seen due to volcanic eruption of a volcano in the north, or volcanoes, and that, in a plausible five months between Cyrus.

And you can offer this first speculation even a second one that is actually of apocalyptic degree as a maxim, not to be given: that it would have to be on the road to León in the city of Valladolid, Spain where it is assumed that escapes will have to surrender to those at any high, which by the way the highs of this area are such as some head or hill or hill here, and if you move to Portugal what they are located are mountains an hour and a quarter of the way from the city . It still turns out that there is also a deviation from León to Zamora from the north, and therefore at its intersection the army of the East to warn them.

But in a time of tectonic changes that can last decades or even more than a generation, what has been said is not yet discernible because it is like the flood, therefore, although it sounds strange, who knows if these roads will be attached to the city of Valladolid functional, and that the city does not end under water, because to the south-east to Portugal there is a recently discovered tectonic plate And they on mountains by water and in headwaters by the army? ¿?

Therefore it is better to put hope in the resurrection of the righteous.

That is why it is said that in fast cars you will flee as soon as it was better to rectify things towards the FATHER?

And as he said, if you see them from the rooftop do not stop to collect any belongings.

And if you see the UN speak ill of Israel, or from afar, that they escape to the mountains or nations outside the nation of Israel, and who knows if the nation of Israel sinks in this geological process?

Could this situation have been avoided by attending me? It is doubtful, but GOD has power over these pests that begin in a solar activity that has changed.

And for love of Benjamin Netanyahu the original snake, that the land of Israel in the Middle East is cursed.

Actually, I would give the advantage, because they would know all things for the prophets that concern them, so without the need for another to teach them this or that by the time things have already happened. But the truth about life matters.

And for this you need the work of a Priest.

Whether the prophet Isaiah only calls attention to contend with a priest or anointed by YAHWEH is not a rational attitude.

Or in a man or pastor who discusses with another man or pastor, because this town is like the one who contends with a Priest, and they scold even their associates as to their pastors if they hear dislike of what they believe.

Hosea 4 (RV): 4 Certainly man does not contend or rebuke man, because your people are like those who resist the priest.

And because of this judgment on Israel, Benjamin, he sends them Nazarites as from behind, inasmuch as he already destroyed the strength of the high Catholic before Pastor Russell, to the High Amorite, and removed them from the US for the purpose of You were a prevalent religion. More will no longer know you under the name of now. In any way Catholics have been raised here again.

But if there are problems, is it not your business to send them to Nazarites, just like the wise virgins, and to Gideon, and to Samson? And what have you men of GOD done? Does a Nazarean have to violate his Nazarean vow as Amos said drinking wine? Do you have to shut up your mouth for believing to suit them?

Amos 2 (KJV): 9 And I destroyed the Amorites before them, whose height was like the height of the cedars, and strong as a cork oak; and I destroyed its fruit above, and its roots below.

10 And I brought you up from the land of Egypt, and I brought you through the wilderness forty years, that you might possess the land of the Amorites.

11 And I raised up your sons for prophets, and your young men to be Nazarites. Is this not so, children of Israel said the LORD?

12 But you gave wine to the Nazarites to drink wine; You sent the prophets, saying, Do not prophesy.

And in this it must be said that this tribe of Benjamin is the only one who participates in the trial of Israel for the sins cited of Gúilbeah, and that coincidentally they fulfill the sins committed by those of the other tribes of Israel becoming the reference of said judgment by YAHWEH in the prophets.

That is to say, as has been said, that Israel is Benjamin, because as a patriarch I have the son of Israel can bear in a consented way by the Patriarch Israel his own name.

And that makes up a code in the Bible, whose is Israel by the prophets at the time of the end of the west when we read the Bible.

But in no way is everything bad in Benjamin, in fact, it is the other way around.


  The Benjamin's carry the beautiful quality of the wolf within themselves.


  To say that their GOD constituted them on the basis of the wolf to those of Benjamin, and this is not said in a comparison to this animal, but in reality as wolves that are people, human flesh that contains part of the wolf's brain, that is , the constitution of their emotions is attentive to the limbally spoken wolf, with it their behaviors, even their gestures on their faces as well as in the wolf are the same, and in reality recognizable in sight, so their emotions are in correspondence with this animal.

In fact, before finishing the five shepherds for me, and to make sure that I was not anointed they gave me the reading of the book of the Apostle Luke, it was the chapter to be read chapter 17, and that is after the prophetic illustration of Lazarus.

And it was not his time to bring to them the light of the prophecy contained in this chapter 17 of the book of Luke, one would have to arrive to supply the rich so that the prophecy of Lazarus was fulfilled, so on my part I said nothing , I read and it was over, and I would have liked to say something, but I kept silent until the end being cut without even opening my mouth as I looked for my wool.

So this was the Lazarus of prophecy in the form of enlightenment being in person before the congregates, and something reminded me that this was relative to my person, but I only knew that I had much to tell them, and that I could not precisely at that moment .

But before I started talking I saw their faces, and at this time validating the information on the web about the wolf, I understand that it was scary what was in the faces of every congregated, which was when I climbed into practice of the reading of Luke in his chapter 17 in the northern congregation of Valladolid, Spain, but that the gestures of the people do not correspond to these faces in relation to fear, that these were different from those generated by the people in this emotion, and after seeing the images of the wolves as to their emotions I notice. I always told myself that they looked at me just like the dogs looked when I got on the platform, and I felt bad so that I kept it inside me without knowing that they were not faces of aggression.

And in his social behavior equally.

Hence, five shepherds in the hands of Saul handle the entire pack to a degree not achieved by those of Ephraim, nor in those of Judah, nor by any other.

And that said is quite useful and necessary to understand the Judgment described in Amos about those who truly fall for Israel, because some translation uses the verb to gasp in Israel's judgment, Benjamin.


The judgment of Amos.



 In this way the trial that is recorded in the second chapter of the book of Amos to Israel or Benjamin begins to consider the wolf's ability to act after the dam, so it is known that they are those of the tribe of those of Benjamin in the time of the end of the west, because according to the testament of the Patriarch found in the book of Genesis, that Israel predicted that those of Benjamin would contain the wolf's behavior.

But it is by way of Blessing what he said, because in their quality they join hands behind the dam. And in those of the city can it be said in the same way? I do not know, surely there are more of Benjamin than those collected by Jehovah's Witnesses through Pastor Russell in that city. In addition, they also join hands like those, which is a laudable quality.

So as to the negative connotation to be given to this quality of the wolf in certain pastors of those of Benjamin, that this is fulfilled in those who are not worth anything, and it is said that those are panting on the dust of the heads of the people of humble condition, and that twist the way of the humble.

That is, as in the behavior of the wolf, that the victims among their siblings are children and pregnant women to whom they take the fruit from the belly with their mouth, that they eat the woman's fetus leaving their bodies back just as the wolf does when it attacks humans on the rare occasions it occurs, and they eat the children who have been separated in the neglect of their parents, but this within it.

In this way, those on whom the Kingdom rests first are similar to pregnant women, and on the other hand that the anointed ones are like the children according to him, and that they do not achieve the objective without going through this vicissitude as to those of the tribe of Benjamin, and this is to be devoured by those princes of Benjamin who kill the anointed ones in order to continue establishing their territory for the alpha male, because they are orders of his Jezebel, but in this case of the new Saul of the I live waters from Jerusalem I practice it by its own crown. Hence the trial of the five mentioned in the prophets being one of them Saul himself.

That is why the prophet Amos tells us something that when we combine more texts to this of the second chapter of the book of Amos, which say the same thing, they kill the anointed ones that are in their territory.

Just like the second chapter of the book of Micah where it is said that those are like those who return from war in an innocent way, but that take the symbol of the Priest from their chest, their breastplate without resting on their part.

More than the children, they are not treated with regard to the violations of minors within the group, as for the moment they are willing to silence matters, and in fact they have been shutting it down for the fourth century, since their Jezebel orders it with rationalizations, the high philistine of the house, Goliath, orders it.

And that the humble rest prevent them from entering the Kingdom, be anointed by rising to the Kingdom or publishers, or foreigners to those of the group, even pastors who do not want among them, even potentials to be the same pastors, who spread them everywhere according to her spirit.

But Efrain, getting rich, remains behind the same thing.

Yes, a very primary attitude that is more relevant in those that he has given them in subjection for the alpha male, and in his consort, wife, because this is the true hierarchy in how the wolf acts in terms of its territory, That it is for the couple that all things are ordered. Otherwise, a kind of authoritarian grunts awaits, making it clear to the pack who rules in their territory, and they are usually of the female to order their territory.

In this last statement it is understood that they would prefer that they will take the youngest daughter than the eldest, but that it did not compensate them that she was even the youngest, that is, neither Merab the eldest, nor Milca the youngest.

For this reason they saw a secret in me that they did not understand, and it was harmless to them, and yet in their readiness they feared that I was a pastor, and acted accordingly sabotaging me until I knew my secret, which in the end has come to be the secret of Samson described in the book of Judges.

In itself those of Benjamin were made by the presence of YAHWEH in its current constitution, and in the manner of blessing, based on the personality and quality of the wolf, although they are men and women like the others - the wolf's conservation instincts prevail, for that reason they join hands to achieve the objective, which is meritorious, and that gives a necessary power in the purpose of YAHWEH who put in Benjamin this impressive quality of power, of nobility in his restraints, and for his survival in the wolf, more of all the good that is to be done by Benjamin in Israel in the future if they are to prevail will be given for this quality of the wolf.

And Amos also tells about the trial of Israel, Benjamin, who have prevented an essential marriage to be helped by a certain anointed one, and who has become the one who writes the report, and they are the nephew and uncle who appear in the chapter 6 of the prophet Amos the architects of this marriage never being exercised, either in Samson or in David, but it is objectionable the uncle who expects monetary compensation in it, come on, something that does not reach a throne as in the Saul's case.

That is why those are the father and a man who is a pastor and who have gone to the same girl in the judgment of Amos to Israel, to Benjamin.

And man in Scripture is the description of the pastor, but also in his subjection they are parents, that is, two pastors or a single pastor.

Which may be, in my opinion, a sin to the spirit in going against its own breath in its purpose, for which they have surely been warned by him, but that the warning of his spirit to his rapacity has not served them any good.

But there would still be another sin to the spirit, that is, commit two sins like this for which they will be skewered, for it is what motivates to give knowledge of these things that he was keeping silent for the good of the congregated.

And the second mistake of his is just like that of the woman of the Gúilbeah in a second prophetic pattern, an act that is described in the last account of the book of the judges. This has been said. But this is reflected in the Greek Scriptures.

Therefore, this situation is reflected in chapters 15 to 17 of the book of the Apostle Luke giving information to greater than what was said by the prophet Amos.

In this way these chapters of the book of Luke tells us what happens in such an eclectic way that it is not possible to know much more, but if it is dropped in that they fail, for money, and how not to arrive again at this situation in the conclusion end of chapter 17 of the book of the Apostle Luke, which is to avoid boasting by simply feeding the flock, because by feeding one of these of the younger brothers they feed him, in the same way when they finish their work of to feed him, they must sit down to be fed with what corresponds to them, for example, this comment to the judgment of Israel, to Benjamin, and which will serve to clarify the book of the prophet Hosea verse by verse to later.

Forgiving up to seven sins in a day or generation without using the famous expulsion is also something said in chapter 17 of the book of Luke.

But since their intention is to take them in notarial fraud in the case that they do not want to give their livelihoods, that those sad ones are there, it favors that because of their sadness they make a mistake, and therefore they sigh as long as it occurs, because they can be expelled the fraud, because the brother, even if he denounces it, will say that because he is expelled, he retracts that he gave it, although he never really gave it, his property, his inheritance. And the case is that this works for them.

A sister was taken off the floor like this, and her complaint to the judge did not work, nor did she see force in her expulsion, she said that she did not know that it would give to be expelled, as it was something sought by those pastors before me, but that in a curious way more than one little brother later approached the door when I returned to later, and being more than two there gathered before the woman defrauded at the door of his sister's house, robbing her having been stripped of her floor by a Blank signed paper in a pastor's trust. The address is on the promenade of the riverbed, roundabout discovery n ° 2, Valladolid, Spain. She really did not give her home to charity.

And some boyfriends in front of me in the doctors' street, some shepherds wanted the bride to back down, but in front of the boyfriend, and the boyfriend said: "This will not be the thing of that blank paper that signs." Those got married.

And there is my case that goes along the lines of what has been said, with the exception that it appears in the prophets.

For this reason the nephew and uncle wanted to ensure that he had made enough mistakes to finally get rid of me, my blood was not his, but CHRIST in Luke cp. 17 clarifies in his opinion that it is the one that is worth it, that if seven times in a generation your brother says he is sorry, you reprimand that this is enough, and that you do not pass it publicly.

By the way, until my twenty-one years in which I became part of those of this northern congregation in Valladolid, Spain, I had not made a significant mistake in my life, and how did I begin to commit them? The normal thing is to find people who have to modify their personality, but it was the opposite in my case.

Therefore, why are they panting about dust on the heads of poor people inside it? Otherwise they would end badly for those who were not in this condition. And they have nothing to do with this mourning those, where does the dust or mourning come on their heads? Or do they believe it?

The latter, because there is little power they have, and it is a social circle where everything is fulfilled in the person, it is their society, so if they can procure this for just the reason of a prey, but the just, which is not what YAHWEH created them for, but to practice the prey on the enemy, to create a dispossession in the unjust.

Here, as it is being said, it is to the righteous who is practiced these things, and in his house, house of GOD, and in his name, that of GOD, and therefore calling them crazy from the prophet Moses is his thing, well, although don't understand it, to Moses, Moses himself quoted them in his words given to the people in the book of Deuteronomy in chapter 32.

The problem added to the FATHER is that they will not do it to someone influential, for example, the woman of Gúilbeah who is from Rama is poor, and they have affected her, but I am witness to the indirect means they used from Saul's house, which It is another pastor of Benjamin, a pastor who has already sold it to me for just the price that comes to buy some sports shoes in his commission to give himself to my mother's house, because they ambitioned her. And that she called his father.

And why did the apostles ask for faith in what is described in chapter 17 of the book of Luke?

It was not for not knowing how to forgive, but for the reason that they knew Lazarus, and knew that it was not easy for him to fall, but scandalized, or stumbled, he had no faith left.

In this way resurrected at the time of the end even again by CHRIST, and in the company of those Apostles already ascended, and in the dangers of this night in other angels as dark, dark entities, that the testimony of these things is born that they should remain in the darkness of a dark room, and in the room these men asking for advice to achieve the end that is none other than taking houses that do not belong to them. It sounds like Habakkuk.

On the other hand, the clothes, or the charges, are removed at will to show favor to the Jezebel, so, if you have to speak well of the UN they do it by depriving themselves of the charge in it, then naked they go up to the platform, but the eyes of the inexperienced they see them dressed, although for this purpose they are deprived of their position, being aware that this to be practiced at home is improper of the faithful position of the pastor; and if it is necessary to silence that violations of minors occur within the congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses they silence him by stripping again, and so ...

But those of the tribe of Ephraim practice it in the same way.

Only they are more willing to let themselves be corrected than those of Benjamin, for it will be Efrain who he will bother to correct, and in this way they will be like the educated calf with ties in the legs, and will respond in a prompt way to him. .

But why do those things of Ephraim and Benjamin do these things, even in Judah? By the spoils, both one and the other, and in the case of Ephraim he has become rich.

It is clear that these attitudes are for the bad companies of the inveterate drunks, the Assyrian, who are those of the UN.

But everything that begins ends, and as poor Patriarch Benjamin said to this situation in front of his children: "they will no longer call me a predatory wolf by their prey, but the one who distributes the food of God to the humble."

In fact, being the youngest son of Patriarch Israel, the descendants of Benjamin are called by Israel, their judgment being defined for the end time as I have said and repeated as long as Mount Carmel had no snow, that it is now, in a judgment given by YAHWEH that it follows in bold type under this paragraph, and in the time in which it has already been given, that is, that it is a prophecy already fulfilled, a judgment already declared.

And where its judgment corresponds to me to deliver, for that reason I know it, that is the tribe of Benjamin with the envelope name of Israel, and where those attack in the manner of the wolf.

And this is necessary to give in what is an introduction to the book of Hosea, and for the reason that the quality of the wolf is at the time reflected in the book of Hosea, so they will fall back on it as soon as they attend to the book of the prophet Hosea, and where this is said in the book of Hosea, that verse by verse will be exposed by me on this entire book, and verse by verse if YAHWEH wants.

And do not believe that this is for large profits, because in their commissions to be given for their inheritances there are those that for a smaller commission that arrives for sports shoes they sell even to the poor as I have said and I repeat, because these behaviors are rare to many, for that reason it is of an incompressible lowness.

But that at the time they sign up for any commemorative act of death and resurrection CHRIST, and where they appear anointed or CHRISTES, that is, gods, but those anointed in a third as behind are the fallen ones of the favor of their FATHER, bone fined, punished, Psalm 82, Revelation 12: 4.

Amos 2 (RV): 6 Thus said the LORD: For three sins of Israel, and for the fourth, I will not convert it; because they sold the fair for money, and the poor for a pair of shoes.

7 That they long for a dust of earth on the head of the poor, and twist the way of the humble; and the man and his father entered the same girl, desecrating my holy Name.

8 And they lay on the clothes set by any altar; and the wine of the prisoners drink in the house of their gods.


  The trial of Benjamin and what was said in the letter of the Apostle Judas.



 It may seem to the inexperienced in prophecy that this is a coincidental circumstantial framework of mine, but in this we must go for example to the Apostle Judas who showed that some of these Benjamin men were cited even by Enoch, and the Apostles.

Judah 1 (KJV): 14 Of which Enoch also prophesied, seventh from Adam, saying: Behold, the Lord is come with his holy thousands, 15 to make judgment against all, and to convince all the wicked among them of all his bad deeds that he has done unfaithfully, and of all the harsh words that unfaithful sinners have spoken against him.

And before he said:

Judah 1 (KJV): 11 Woe to them! Because they have followed the path of Cain, and have come to the error of Balaam's prize, and perished in the contradiction of Korah.

It may seem that they do not fall in the way of Cain for being tested by 1914, or that in the error of the Balaam prize they have not come to an end, and that in the watchtower of July 2014 they did not accept with pleasure the contradiction of calling the that feed outside of Bethel like those of Korah when it is necessary to feed them to Bethel elders.

And still say they did it to him? In itself everything they do to one of these smaller publishers do it to him. And there is talk of bad ideas towards him in Judas' letter, of more tangled plots than usual.

But as Judas says you have to show guilt.

5 and more are accused of offering Basan cows to the anointed highs who have been censored by the FATHER, and about 200 demons who have already descended to Mount Hermon sleeping with the daughters of men bringing the flood, so the new Samson for him carries the door there yet again.

Amos 4 (KJV): 1 Hear this word, cows of Bashan, that you are on the mountain of Samaria, that you oppress the poor, that you break the needy, that you say to their lords: Bring, and we will drink.

In this letter of the Apostle Judas you have to listen to Enoch, but how to listen to Enoch? Reading his book, how else would Judas cite it without reference to the future if there were no written reference to what Enoch said? For example, Jeremiah cites an entire paragraph of En oc in his book.



The earth, July 23, 2019.
















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