7 And the first angel sounded, and there was hail, and fire mixed with blood, and they were sent into the earth, and a third of the trees were burned up, and all the green grass was burned.


In case I intend to introduce part of the content of the book of Revelation here, and in this the reference to this volcano, and it is for something.

It is shocking that John in the book of Revelation refers to a volcanic activity unprecedented to date in this particular time in which we find ourselves right now.

Volcanoes are one of the most destabilizing forces of nature for society at any time, and this is followed by blows by masses of water, whether tsunamis or floods. And of course the earthquakes.

More still we do not know the sun star very angry with the men of his town who are his shepherds.

And it becomes true that the book of Revelation speaks of a volcanic activity as what will make the difference, and of course an earthquake of the epic class, in fact, a earthquake greater than any other recorded , and even seems to speak of others of lesser degree that will happen, but we do not know the degree to be given in those who could be everywhere.

In itself, what the Apostle John describes is as if the earth has gone totally crazy with respect to its behavior from behind, and that as you know it is not totally tame, because it speaks and expresses itself with palpable calamities for when it comes to expressing itself ; even by thundering, and by venting with virulence; and in the spitting waters and fires; and in the beginning to tremble.

More weighed that this was the worst thing I could do, but YAHWEH is after something far worse, such as spitting the man from his dwelling place, in fact, to certain men who are shepherds from his village or land.

As the saying goes, the righteous pay for sinners in this that surely must enter.

More in itself there is no place to hide from this, or from the effects that it has to cause, because those calamitous men are in every place of the terrestrial orb, more YAHWEH has set their eyes on these.

And it is now that we are seeing the signs described in the book of Revelation being fulfilled, and, furthermore, these are of a physical nature, but we thought that they were symbolisms, but no, they are not, they are phenomena of a physical nature.

And in this we must pay special attention to the Yellowstone volcano as described in the prophecy, and in what a volcanic eruption of this type can cause at the political level, because against the USA it is that YAHWEH himself walks, in against the virgin daughter of Babylon described by the prophet Nahum ...

And this is for the reason that there in the park of Yellowstone have already seen one of these signs by Juan, more being recorded in a flash by the EQL effect.

And this is similar to the small beam in the lighter with a piezoelectric diode inside it which also produces this effect in a similar way by the pressure of the thumb, but this is in terms of the rubbing of the stones below in Yellowstone, and in something much bigger, such as lightning that springs from the earth.

But this is not just a curious effect, it indicates a certain increased pressure inside the volcano whereby the lightning comes out.

And, in addition, this is accompanied by the best method of forecasting a volcanic eruption, and it is not the human being, but the behavior of the animals in Yellowstone recently.

On the other hand, we are already accustomed to seeing the phenomena of triboluminescence that are in the skies in the form of blue and greenish lights, and that tend to an orange and yellow, and this prior to a great earthquake; but this has been likened to his blinking lightning, but I do not believe that it is the beginning of the sign of which John speaks to us through CHRIST our LORD, on the part of the SOVEREIGN LORD YAHWEH.

Are these signs, and others that will give the report or the following report, and about things of a physical nature already described in the book of Revelation by John the beginning of the end of the West?

In my opinion, yes.

In this report in a premonitory way it will be seen that the trumpets described there, and also, in the bowls of their indignation, the one of YAHWEH the GOD of Israel, the one that there is a content in the written by Juan less symbolic than imagined, is To say, for the most part, John describes a calamity of physical degree to humanity for him; misinformation by public authorities, and watchmen; in addition, the exit of 200 million soldiers from the East as from behind in the so-called Ciro to end with the hegemony of the current West.

In addition, the sun already does something strange, but it is also that the sun is this that makes the report, even all the rest anointed.

But it is true that the sun enters this part recently in a period of low intensity, so it can burn more stellar radiation.

But no one changes in fear of YAHWEH with regard to the sinners who have positioned themselves in their People, their land, theirs, that of YAHWEH, land that differs from those of humanity that are in the seas, in their fish the sea.

And as it has been said, the misinformation is very great in what it surely has to enter. More this misinformation is prophesied in the book by Juan.

But misinformation is not only from the present system of things.

There is no atalayare of this because of these sinners who are in their land, and there is not media media for the safety of those who are affected in a more direct way.

In this, only the prophetic Scripture is the clearest warning, in these trumpets that from the sky that have to resonate in all places before in our third of the planetary sky there is a sack hair, in black for not reflecting no light from above in day or night because of this volcanic activity.

And this could even be done by Yellowstone, even by the joint activity of more than one volcano already awakened to this date.

But there is no evil that does not come good, there is therefore a new land in which justice will have to live for later, because this is carried by ADONAI for something; and how they can understand this of justice is impossible without a great change to be given.

In itself nothing changes society more than the volcanic eruptions, and we have already seen this, at least in history, but we are about to be living history.

But there will also be the worst earthquake of all time since man is, and man is the reference to the pastor, to the last 6,000 years to this part.

More for something CHRIST said that all this would be just like the universal flood, but similar, not that it is equal to the flood, because a third of his people will be before him at the end of this great storm that is to come.

More in the deceased of their land or people, who have to rest from their works, because their works will accompany them, says their GOD.


In all this I would like to cover, say that the Yellowstone volcano is a possibility to succeed only, but I will not, because the courteous does not take away the brave, and is that this volcano is a strong candidate for the Golden Oscar of the most apocalyptic movie. But there are other prizes to be given and to know.

In itself as to the order of these trumpets and bowls, declaring that the trumpets are for the present system of things, and the bowls for the shepherds of the Jehovah's Witnesses, to half a million of them of which they will die in a third of all of them, and that the Scripture defines them as men; at the same time synonyms are the men of the trees.

But as for the order of events of these trumpets and bowls, which, if the first trumpet is placed for the seventh bowl, and the second trumpet for the sixth bowl comes a palindrome, that is, it is read equally from left to right than right to the left in terms of the number of the trumpet and the bowl, but at its extremes there is an unresolved puzzle.

And this tells me that I can not know if there is a tremor, and then that of the volcanoes, or if it is the other way around.

But if you distinguish some fixed blocks in the palindrome and without the palindrome, first a physical activity; and with misinformation the Eastern block comes out against the West, and YAHWEH with them.

Of course the position of the first block with respect to the 7 trumpets, and then the 7 bowls, and in the middle the great final collection, is the order of preference in the book.

And it is that this only replaces the two blocks to see how it is for guidance, and until the events happen is that you will not know things in all their linear details in a perfect way.

So who knows if there is an eruption and consecutive the great earthquake announced, or the one that was not so consecutive the earthquake to occur, but the culmination that leaves the way free to the Kings of the East to the USA?

But what I wonder and last good seems to be the order established in the book of Revelation, that everything starts with a rash that is going to get worse, and that in the end everything is destabilized, and in the end the Great earthquake announced. But in the middle things happen regarding misinformation ...

In itself I do not recommend anyone to play with this book. The palindrome is just a curiosity that I treat and that helps me discern older people if possible.

In addition, there is a given symbolism in the two blocks, in the trumpets and in the bowls, but this will be given in another report below this one on this website.

And this symbolism is that it is really easy to discover the meaning of these symbols, and that they are very few.


Take care!

The earth, to April 8, 2019.

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